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VENTECH Air Diffuser Grille Machine (1)

VENTECH Air Diffuser Grille Machine (1)


VENTECH Air Diffuser Grille Machine (1)

VENTECH owns a 15 years air outlet factory and a machinery factory. We have technical R&D team, focus on air diffuser grille machines.

Based on long and professional experience on air grille diffuser production, we can be your reliable supplier in air outlet machinery.

As you know, to produce air diffuser and grille, it needs several basic steps: Cutting, Welding, Punching, Assembly. Below we will share you some hot model machines for air outlet production:

Cutting Machine:

1>For Frame profile cutting, VCM-300 is a double saw blades cutting machine. It's designed to cut aluminum profiles into 45°angles.

Now many manufacturers use single blade cutter to do the diffuser frame, but single blade cutter can’t ensure accurate 45 degree cutting, which will make gap when making diffuser grille frame corner. But VCM cutting machine with double saw blades, can do the 45° cutting in one time, without gap when we assembly the diffuser grille frame. This not only improve production capacity, also improve your product quality a lot! 

Besides, we can change different mold, to match many types of aluminum profile. It's available for cutting aluminum grilles profiles, window profiles, door profiles.


* Accurate 45°angle cutting on diffuser grille profile

* Improves product quality, support your sales

* Easy cleaning cutting scratches, saving labor cost

* Long life time, cost-effective!

Frame profile cutting

2>For Blade profile cutting, VBCM machine could be your good choice!

We have two models: one is for grille blade cut, mainly for single and double deflection grille production. The other is for grille blade cut and holing, mainly for linear bar grille production.

In traditional blade process, we usually use punching machine and mold to finish. But this require skilled labor to control the product speed and quality, which is costly and slow.

VENTECH VBCM machine is equipped with group of molds with four blade position, which can process four blades in one time, it is PLC control to achieve automatically cutting & holing. That means we just only need to input the production data like quantity, length, hole distance, etc. on the PLC board, it will make the blades for us automatically.

Besides, we have a profile material holder for you, which support to make long blades, like the linear grille blade.


* Improves production speed, saving time and labor cost. * Upgrade manufacturing technique, optimizing process

Blade profile cutting

Welding Machine:

As we know, welding process need skilled labor. In some countries and areas, welding labor cost very high. Even more, it is difficult to hire a good weld labor, which make headache for factories. VWM is an automatic welding machine, specially designed for aluminum diffusers and grilles, it is no-trouble worker.

How it works automatically? It is control by PLC board also!

Before welding product, we need to get several types of grilles or diffuser ready. Then we start to input the data into the machine computer one by one, then it will save the welding position of each product. Next, we can start to use it! When you need to weld product number 1, we choose number 1 in machine board, it will automatically weld for you. Very easy and smart! Everyone can control the machine, no more high cost for skilled labor!


* Intelligent system, easy operating

* High efficiency. 1.5 second per welding spot

* Flexible for all kinds of diffusers and grilles welding.


Next time, we will share you more about VENTECH Assembly Machine for air diffuser grille production! 

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