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HVAC insulation cutting machine for sale

HVAC insulation cutting machine for sale
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HVAC Insulation Cutting Machine

VENTECH insulation cutting machine is suitable for fiberglass and external thermal insulation cutting for HVAC ductwork. With our simple and smooth operating system, the complex graphics and product can be easily, precisely, and rapidly cut and produced duct insulation units. Without hand operations to do, the pieces obtained are ready to be glued. The standard machine is completed with a large quantity of accessories and devices dedicated to reduce the production time and generate the best quality of finished product.

1. It adopts advanced seamless embedded system, no need to configure processing control software separately, and has faster processing speed.
2. The intelligent adsorption technology can automatically allocate the adsorption range according to the cutting position. Even if a low-power vacuum pump is used, there will be no insufficient adsorption force when cutting small products, which can effectively ensure the cutting quality and save the electricity cost.
3. High wear-resistant, high-precision linear guide rails ensure that the equipment can operate at high speed, stability, and high precision.
4. Independently produced electric cabinet, external air conditioner, and can be used normally under high temperature conditions.
5. Able to cut and process a variety of thermal insulation and related materials in the HVAC field, including fiberglass, aluminum foil insulation, rigid insulation, foam insulation, wall insulation etc.



High-speed motion control system
Adopting high-end six-axis high-speed motion control system with independent intellectual property rights, system upgrade and maintenance are not controlled by a third party, which is convenient for post-maintenance, high reliability and low cost, and because the control right is in hand, it is convenient to customize special programs and remote upgrade for users' individual needs.

Independent motion control card
Controller from the previous computer motherboard plug-in card era, upgraded to high-performance integrated circuit controller era, can be connected with any ordinary computer (including laptop), completely eliminating the previous computer link failure also led to the problem of paralysis of cutting equipment.

High efficiency and labor saving
Fast speed, up to 1500mm per second.

Available for production use
Adopting 7-stage precision inserted rack and pinion drive, high precision, strong load, can be used for continuous production.

Network for easy transmission
Adopt network interface, fast transmission speed and long distance, one computer can control more than one device (can change computer at will), more stable and convenient than the old serial port, parallel port, PCI interface.

Strong and efficient suction power
The energy-efficient zoned vacuum adsorption system ensures that the material can be optimally fixed. The machine table is made of one-piece milled aluminum honeycomb panel, which is breathable, precise, durable and not easily deformed.

Safe working
Equipped with safety device (the machine will stop automatically when the human hand enters within the infrared range).

Modular structure design
Adopting the international advanced design concept of replaceable head, the tool head is not fixed and welded integrated, which can be easily replaced and equipped with different functional tool heads according to the actual work needs and business expansion, solving the problem that the fixed integrated tool head cannot be upgraded with new demands, and solving the problem that the pneumatic pressure is not constant with temperature and time.


Working size2500x1600mm,1800x1300mm, 3000x1600mm
Material fixing wayVacuum suction system
Cutting speed80-2,500mm/s(according to different material)
Cutting thickness≤50mm
Cutting accuracy≤0.1mm
Drive systemservo driver
Transmission systemlinear square rail & belt
Instruction systemHP-GL compatible format
Vacuum pump power10.7KW
Graphic format supportedPLT, DXF, AI, HPJ, etc.
Safety deviceInfrared sensors & emergency stop devices
Working voltage380V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
PackageWooden case
Machine size3415×2480×1250mm


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