Expert for pre insulated duct CNC cutting machine.

HVAC Insulation Cutting Machine

VENTECH is focusing on providing automatic machine for Pre-insulated ductwork and air outlets production.

VENTECH Insulation Cutting Machine Features

1. Automatic contour recognition system
Optional industrial vision system, fast scanning insulation material, automatic identification of insulation material shape, area, contour and defective points, etc.


2. Fully automatic nesting system
Fully automatic and close nesting, automatically avoiding the defective part, saving more than 15% of material. At the same time, the new super nesting engine supports multiple nesting rules according to the insulation material differentiation level, and the nesting speed is increased by more than 5 times.


3. Automatic pattern cutting and punching
Multi-knife head cutting machine punching, with Japanese Panasonic servo system, cutting and punching markings are completed in one time, increasing production efficiency by more than 3 times.


4. Vacuum zoning adsorption
Automatic vacuum adsorption realizes automatic material flattening and supports small multi-layer cutting. In addition, the unique multi-partition technology increases the adsorption force by more than 5 times.


5. High precision transmission system
The transmission system uses Swedish rack and pinion transmission, with AOL multiple tooling options, the accuracy reaches ±0.1mm, helping companies to realize order-based management.

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