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How to fabricate ductwork?

How to fabricate ductwork?


How to fabricate ductwork

HVAC duct fabrication is a requirement for most homes or companies that need good air quality indoors. If you have some knowledge about HVAC system installation, it will be much easier to kick off the job. There are multiple materials to choose from that can help keep your project within budget.

Phenolic & Polyurethane Insulation Panels
The traditional way of ductworks includes fabricating air ducts, fit them, and insulate them. There is a more modern process of phenolic & polyurethane ducts. It includes fabricating the galvanized steel ducts and cover them in duct wrap before being installed. When ductwork is made of inflexible insulation panels, it won't require extra insulation. These ducts can be fixed in place in a single step, saving time on the job site. Some people cut the phenolic duct boards by hands instead of using a HVAC ductwork cutting machine. It’s more time consuming and wasting materials. Because you need to measure, do the layouts, and cut by hands. Man can make mistakes and leads to waste of materials. A HVAC ductwork cutting machine benefits a lot by automatically measuring and cutting. So the big contractors and duct fabricating factories choose to use HVAC ductwork cutting machines to save time and money.

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Galvanized Steel Ductwork Fabrication

Galvanized Sheel is one of the most common used duct materials. The duct is insulated with a fiberglass lining or wrapped outside with fiberglass blankets. If necessary, there are also dual-walled ducts that use both fabrication techniques at the same time. Galvanized Steel is often processed by HVAC ductwork cutting machine.

Fiberglass Duct Fabrication
Fiberglass duct panel often comes with a built-in thermal lining. They are ideal for much quieter operation requirements because its inner surface also absorbs sound. The duct board is shaped using a special knife and a straightedge during the fabrication process. When installing fiberglass duct board fabrication, please draw all Lines on the Board for the cuts. For the distance between lines, take the ID of the finished duct + the add on.  Make sure to take the add on for the correct board thickness as the add on measurements vary by board thickness. You can use a HVAC ductwork cutting machine or cut by hands.

Flexible Duct Fabrication
Flexible ducts are common in use for their low prices and easy installation. They are made of made of a supple plastic over a metallic wire coil. Flexible duct is excellent for reducing noise from equipment, can quickly be installed, has a good vapor barrier, and it can be easily replaced and/or repaired. However, it requires replacement, and is easily damaged: Touching against any sharp objects could also rip it beyond repair. You have to be extremely careful while working with it. Sometimes this tube is simply used as is, such as in dust collection systems. If thermal insulation is required, typically these tubes are insulated with a material such as glass wool.

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