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How to Insulate HVAC Ductwork

How to Insulate HVAC Ductwork


How to Insulate HVAC Ductwork 

Ductwork is an essential part of a HVAC system. It consists of ducts and pipes that circulate heated or cooled air throughout your house. Adding ductwork insulation to the HVAC system ensures that air will stay at the desired temperature and avoid leakage. In the long run, ductwork insulation will help to lower your utility bills and reduce energy consumption.Without proper ductwork insulation, there will be 10-30% of the energy lose. Therefore, a good level of ductwork insulation will prevent not only energy wastage, but also leaks, temperature drops, and condensation buildup.

CNC duct fabrication machine

Phenolic ducting_a high performing duct insulation material

There are different types of ductwork. The most common ducting material is galvanized sheet metal and wrapped with insulation. The only obvious disadvantage of using sheet metal is its thickness. Nevertheless, that is a necessary aspect to avoid crushing ducts in case someone walks over them. Another famous choice is Fiberboard duct. However, its inner surface is rough, and so it affects the airflow and consequently the efficiency. So today we’re talking about an alternative way of ducting, pre-insulated phenolic ductwork.

automatic pre-insulated duct cutting machine

Phenolic is a high performing alternative duct material that helps HVAC Contractors increase the thermal and duct leakage efficiency of their systems. Using phenolic also means that there is no need for separate ductwork and separate insulation as it is a 2-in-1 solution that does the job of both. For both interior and exterior applications, this duct material can offer many benefits for an installation.


Ductwork made out of rigid phenolic foam can provide significant weight savings on your project. Phenolic has an excellent thermal performance with some of the best R- values per inch of insulation available on the market. Phenolic ductwork is pre-insulated, which means it does not require any additional insulation wrapping. So, how to install this excellent ducting? My secret is using a duct board cutting machine.

duct board cutting machine

The simple way to install Phenolic ductwork insulation

The Phenolic board comes as a plate, normally 4*1.3m or 3*1.3m in size. You need to cut it into pcs and assemble them before installation. You can cut it by hand or using a duct board cutting machine. A duct board cutting machineis also called CNC duct fabrication machine, which is used to process Phenolic board. Cutting the Phenolic board can be complicated and time consuming. The automatic pre-insulated duct cutting machine not only makes ductwork much easier, but also saves you a lot of time.


This duct board cutting machine is equipped with a simple and smooth operating system, the complex graphics and product can be easily, precisely, and rapidly cut and produced. The specifically designed enclosed automatic tool changer, V grooving and cutting the panel shape can be done in one process, giving massive savings in all aspects.


fiberglass duct board cutting machine

After cutting the duct board into shapes you want with the automatic pre-insulated duct cutting machine, you can now assemble them and put them on your ceiling.

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