Expert for pre insulated duct CNC cutting machine.


For air vent plants, because of lack of experience, they often face planning problems during the construction and upgrade phases. Our company not only has many years of experience in the production of related equipment, but also has 16 years of experience in the production air diffuser and grille. We have been working diligently from a small-scale air vent production workshop, and we are now a leading manufacturer in this field. Because while we are selling HVAC diffuser equipment, the most attractive service is to provide manufacturers with reliable customized solutions. The plan is meticulous to the number of production lines, personnel arrangements, and the location of equipment in the plant. We can also customize fully automatic production lines for customers to solve difficult problems for customers. This characteristic service has been favored and appreciated by customers.


  Pretechnical exchange                      Feasibility analysis


  Refinement requirements                  Work out the solution


  Complete the solution                        Technical agreement signing


  Contrat signing                                   Design drawing signing


  Start production                                  Installation and test


  Field installation and final inspection 




VENTECH maintains a dedicated engineering and sales support staff, waiting to assist you with technical and product information, and provide you our valuable solutions.

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