The name VENTECH is synonymous with high quality equipment in the PI ductwork and HVAC grille production.

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The name VENTECH is synonymous with high quality products in the automatic pre insulated ductwork equipment industry.


Beginning in 2006, VENTECH is focusing on providing CNC HVAC grilles and duct production solution, especially on pre insulated duct and insulation cutting.


VENTECH research and development plus a strict quality control program have been fundamental to our growth, success and reputation. By using international bands components, VENTECH products are manufactured in accordance with strict quality control standards and developed for international conditions.


Located in Guangdong, China, VENTECH gets a 40000m2 production area, with more than 300 workers, including 20 talent engineers.  VENTECH has three series of products. Pre-insulated duct panel cutting machine, and insulation cutting machine and laser cutter machine, in which the phenolic panel cutting machine gets a high reputation in the duct manufacturing field.



With strong after-services staff, VENTECH provides professional trainings to clients, and does necessary maintenances in time.


YINGDE VENTECH INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is mainly engaged in the development, production, processing, and sales of CNC duct and HVAC grille production machines.
We have a rigorous management organization structure, a strong and professional equipment research and development department, and high-quality after-sales service. 
Our quality inspection department has related procedures to ensure that each piece of equipment has a mature and complete commissioning before shipment, and strives to have a good experience when customers use the machine for the first time. The person in charge of the R&D team has more than 15 years of work experience in the equipment field. Not only can he continuously improve the performance of the original machine model, but he can also develop new products suitable for market needs in a timely manner to fill the air outlet and duct industry in the automated production Whitespace. In the research and development of automation software, we spare no effort. Each device has smooth and practical execution software. Through the use of our equipment, we have solved the problems of the shortage of skilled workers for manufacturers, so that ordinary workers can also make sophisticated products. Finally, we have a sincere heart for every customer. After the machine is sold, we will permanently provide online answering services.

High quality raw materials

1. Cooperate with excellent suppliers in the industry

2. Key components and sensors use only internationally renowned brands.

Production strength - strong productivity

More than 10,000 square meters of processing and debugging workshops and complete quality inspection center


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Engineering Management - Engineering Management Experience Behind

1. ERP system management, PLM technology management system, non-standardized R&D and market service system development system

2. Quality is certified by ISO9001 Quality System

Service strength - high quality pre-sales service

1. Strictly implement international industry standards, with the core concept of “high quality and high standard products and perfect after-sales service”.

2. Conduct sufficient research before the sale, conduct technical analysis, and feedback the feasibility and implementation plan.

3. After-sales products are repaired free of charge for 1 year. The operation problem is quickly feedback within 12 hours, and the 72-hour arrival on-site handles the unresolved fault of the mobile terminal.



VENTECH maintains a dedicated engineering and sales support staff, waiting to assist you with technical and product information, and provide you our valuable solutions.

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