Expert for pre insulated duct CNC cutting machine.

Pre-insulated Duct Board Cutting Machine

VENTECH is focusing on providing automatic machine for Pre-insulated ductwork and air outlets' production.

VENTECH's Duct Board Cutting Machine is specially optimized for duct unfolding and cutting. The cutting speed is faster, the cutting accuracy is higher, and the cutting effect is better. And with the special duct unfolding software, the user only needs to select the type of duct to be cut, enter the corresponding size parameters, it can be automatically scheduled, automatically generate the processing program, the user can directly use the U disk in the cutting machine into the processing program cutting.

Duct Board Cutting Machine Main Performance Characteristics

 1. VENTECH Duct Board Cutting Machine, machine appearance simple, generous.
 2. The cutting system adopts pneumatic floating height adjustment device, which is especially good when cutting Pre-insulated duct board materials with thickness below 5mm. Fundamentally solve the problem of high-speed cutting caused by the collision gun.
 3. The skeleton is made of steel tube welded by aging vibration treatment to remove internal stress and good stability.
 4. For a variety of sheet metal undercutting, especially the duct sheet full spread cutting, cutting accuracy to achieve excellent indicators, if equipped with the United States Hypertherm plasma power can reach the lower limit of laser cutting machine.
 5. Small cutting mouth, neat, no slagging phenomenon, avoiding the second trimming process.
 6. It is suitable for Phenolic duct, PU Duct, PIR Duct, and other Pre-insulated duct board materials.
 7. Fast cutting speed, high precision and low cost. A set of plasma nozzle electrode only costs a few dollars.
 8. High configuration of CNC system, automatic arc priming, stable performance, arc priming success rate of 99% or more.
 9. Supplied with special software for duct unfolding and cutting, no need to master complex drawing and calculation. Just select the corresponding duct type and input simple parameters to automatically generate the processing program for cutting and processing.

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