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Automatic pre-insulated duct cutting machine VDCM-3013
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Automatic pre-insulated duct cutting machine

Ventech pre insulated duct cutter is fully automatic and ECO Fast CNC machine, totally designed by our own. CNC PID fabrication cutting Machines are manufactured with the latest technologies. They cut straight and special parts from insulation panels, used in the fabrication of pre-insulated HVAC ductwork and duct & pipe insulation.


With our simple and smooth operating system, the complex graphics and product can be easily, precisely, and rapidly cut and produced. Our unique version of software brings you a complete solution for revolutionizing the manufacturing of insulated ductwork within the HVAC industry. our specifically designed enclosed automatic tool changer, V grooving and cutting the panel shape can be done in one process, giving massive savings in all aspects. It comes with an extensive parametric library of ducting components allowing full control of the panel configuration and dimensions. All phenolic panels can be nested to maximise sheet usage and reduce material cost. A simple click of the mouse transforms the nested files directly to CNC Routing Machine ready for processing. Once the machine receives the program the components are then produced exactly to specification whether it is a simple "one off" or mass production.

Why did you choose the Automatic pre-insulated duct cutting machine?

1. The machine mainly consists of main unit, generator and CNC control system, designed for HVAC pipe manufacturers, mainly for automatic release and cutting of deformed workpieces.

2. Convenient, accurate and practical. CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting sheet metal of HVAC ventilation ducts, so the suitable sheet metal thickness is 0.4-6mm galvanized sheet.

3. Advanced automatic computing capabilities and automation technologies eliminate the traditional labor-intensive work required to produce air duct panels, and no longer need to manually mark, create templates, or use Hand-held tool for cutting. 

4. The duct cutter permits to obtain finished pieces for ducts in pre-insulated; no more hand operations and bendings to do, the pieces obtained are ready to be glued. The standard machine is completed with a large quantity of accessories and devices dedicated to reduce the production time and generate the best quality of finished product.

5. With a big working size 4000x1300mm, a phenolic foam board can be fully utilized. As a result, production efficiency has been greatly improved, material scrap has been reduced, and production costs have been saved for duct fabrication. It can cut different shapes in one time, such as elbow type, shoe type, Y type, reducer, etc.

6. The customers are satisfied with this CNC duct rounting machine, especially compared to the other main brands in the market, we are stable and fast, and with higher cost-effective. The long cooperation and support make our improving more and more pre insulated duct.

7. Except for phenolic duct panel cutting, other applications include: routing and V-grooving aluminum-polymer composite material, fibreglass (fiberglass) insulation, PVC, PU, PIR foam duct panels for air conditioning and HVAC system.


◇ Rapid manufacture of ducting components.

◇ Simple or complex shapes produced with ease.

◇ Increased flexibility.

Increased Accuracy

Increased Repeatability

Reduced Material Waste
Reduced Lead Times

◇ Reduced production cycle times.

◇ Complicated panels made easy

◇ No second cuts

◇ No mistakes

◇ Panels come off machine perfect, ready for joining

◇ Any shape, curves angle or straight

◇ Complete Dust Removal



Model numberVDCM-3013
Cutting Thickness0.2-30mm
Cutting tolerance±0.2mm
Supply voltageAC 220V 380V ±10%,50HZ
Cutting area3000mm*1300mm
Overall dimension3610*2050*1360mm



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