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VENTECH Air Diffuser Grille Machine (2)

VENTECH Air Diffuser Grille Machine (2)


VENTECH Air Diffuser Grille Machine (2)

Previously, we share cutting machine and welding machine for air grille diffuser production. You know only know more about VENTECH machine, you may also get new ideas on how to optimize the production technique. Apart from cut and weld process, we do assembly to finish a product. Now let’s share more!

Assembly Machine:

1> For Square Diffuser Assembly: VDM machine is specially for air square diffuser assembly.

At first, we need to know how to make a square diffuser. In VENTECH, all the inner cores of square diffuser are made by one-piece punching mold, assembled by aluminum pipe, then to fix into diffuser frame by a spring.

If by manual produce, we need to clip the pipe positioning into each core 4 sides, totally 20~30 times of clip steps, which cost a lot of time, and even make human harm. But VDM machine is exactly do the pipe fixing process to replace manual assembly.

How it works? The labor needs to put all the diffuser cores onto the machine positioning mold, and give the pipe into cores, then start the machine! It will do the pipe clipping in a few seconds automatically.

Now we have two models of VDM:

VDM-200 is equipped with two working stations, output could be 500~800 pcs daily. It requires two labors to control. This model fits medium factory, which at the beginning of square diffuser producing.

Air Diffuser Grille Machine - 1

VDM-600 is equipped with a self-running conveyor, output could be max. 3,000 pcs daily. It requires five to six labors to control. This model is suitable for big manufacturer, to meet the mass production need.

Air Diffuser Grille Machine - 2

Both models are control by PLC, we can adjust the production speed of conveyor also. Besides, the machine could be designed according to your diffuser type, all the molds are customized, to Maximize support your daily production!

Now we also offer on-site service for VDM-600, if there is any need, we can do on-site installation and maintain for you!


*Customized based on your square diffuser

*Support your production scale upgrade

*Save labor, No human harm

        2> For Grille Assembly

In some types of air grille, we have plastic bush to assembly the grille blade, like double deflection grille. This type is very popular in Middle East market, and some European markets.

But when we produce this grille, manual assembly will make human harm and cost time also.

That is why we develop VGM machine. VGM machine is designed for automatically install the plastic bush onto the grille side frame and fixing the blade.

VGM machine is with a grille position system and an installing system. We put the grille onto machine, and put several pcs plastic bush into machine container, then can start it work! In one hand, VGM will delivery plastic bush one by one on the installing system. On the other hand, it moves the grille side smoothly, to let the plastic bush come in, which is very intelligent!


*Improve grille production speed

*No human harm


Air Diffuser Grille Machine - 3

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