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HVAC duct fabrication

HVAC duct fabrication


HVAC duct fabrication

A good HVAC system improves the quality of the indoor air at an acceptable level. HVAC systems with poor designs and installation are a safety hazard. Therefore, these types of projects should always be done by experienced professionals who have the necessary knowledge and equipment to execute a project.

GI Duct Fabrication

There are basically two types of ductwork. The first type is rigid and made of galvanized sheet metal. We call it GI duct. GI duct is the most frequently used duct in a rigid duct system.

The fabrication process for GI ducts involves precisely cutting and bending sheet metal into the desired cylindrical or rectangular shapes. It includes computerized design, measurements, and careful ductwork installation. The existing components of the commercial building's heating and cooling system should be considered.  The width-to-height ratio in a commercial building is very important as well. It should provide space for metal ducts to optimize energy efficiency and performance. 

A professional person makes sure all of the manufactured pieces fit together tightly. All grooves and openings need to line up exactly in order, which guarantees proper insulation and proper airflow.


hvac duct fabrication

Pre insulated duct Fabrication

The other type is pre-insulated duct system. Pre-insulated ductwork is designed to minimize the amount of space required to be dedicated for ductwork in any building by eliminating the extra space needed to manually install a layer of insulation around the ductwork. The most common used materials are PIR/PU/phenolic duct.

Pre-insulated ductworks can be cut and shaped by hand, but this is a difficult task. Automated duct panel cutting machines do the work of cutting PIR/PU/phenolic ducts into all kinds of shapes designed by a computer. One of the advantages of a duct panel cutting machine is that it saves lots of time and labor costs. The other advantage is it maximized the use of materials. This kind of duct panel cutting machine is also called a CNC duct fabrication machine. It is becoming more and more popular among some countries. For contractors of duct factories, duct panel cutting machine is essential for them to improve efficiency and saving labor costs, when they have lots of works to be done with limited time.


After cutting into pieces, fold the pieces into pipes and install the pipes into the space. The work is done!

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