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Air Duct Installation

Air Duct Installation


Air Duct Installation

Air Duct Installation - 1

1. The handling and loading and unloading of the air duct should be handled with care to prevent damage to the finished product. For the construction in the air duct, clean work clothes, work gloves, and work caps must be available. When you finally come out, you should exit along the original route and wipe off the dirt inside the air duct.

2. During the hoisting operation of the air duct, it is necessary to check whether the scaffolding is overlapped firmly, wear a safety belt, and hang a safety rope.

3. Before the air duct is installed, the internal and external debris should be removed, and the cleaning and protection work should be done. The location, elevation and direction of the air duct installation shall meet the design requirements. The configuration of the on-site air duct interface shall not reduce its effective cross-section. It is strictly forbidden to pass through other pipelines in the air duct. Air duct systems that convey flammable or explosive gases or are installed in flammable or explosive environments should have good grounding. It must be tight when passing through the living area or other auxiliary production rooms, and no interfaces are allowed. It is strictly forbidden to pull the fixed cable of the outdoor riser on the lightning rod or the lightning net.

4. Tighten the bolt

5. Check whether the bolts are tightened, and the nuts should be on the same side.

6. Install air duct grille protection. Reinforcement measures should be taken for rectangular air ducts with a side length greater than 630 mm, thermal insulation ducts with a side length greater than 800 mm, pipe lengths greater than 1250 mm, or low-pressure air ducts with a single side area greater than 1.2 square meters, and medium and high-pressure air ducts greater than 1.0 square meters. The support in the pipe and the fixing of the air pipe should be firm. The distance between each support and the edge or flange of the air duct is uniform and should not be greater than 950mm.

7. For the inspection of the basic items of the air duct, the appearance quality should be straight at the corners, with uniform arcs, parallel at both ends, no warping angles, and surface unevenness not greater than 5mm. The air duct is firmly connected to the flange, the flange is flat, the width is not less than 6mm, it is close to the flange, and the screw holes are interchangeable. The air duct reinforcement is reliable and neat, and the spacing is even and symmetrical.

8. After the air duct system is installed, it must be tested for tightness. The tightness of the air duct system is mainly based on inspection and main pipe. The low-pressure air duct system can be tested by the light leakage detection method, and the medium-high pressure system can be tested by the air leakage test method. For light leakage detection, the air duct shall be qualified if there are no more than 2 light leakage points per 10m joint, and no more than 16 joints per 100m. The air duct of the medium pressure system shall have no more than 1 light leakage point per 10m joint, and no more than 8 joints per 100m are qualified. The air duct air leakage tester is mainly composed of high-speed fan, frequency converter, flow tube and inclined micromanometer. Seal the air duct section to be tested, connect the high-speed fan to the air duct, connect the air duct to the tester with a hose, start the tester fan, and adjust the frequency converter to make the fan speed from low to high. The pressure of the air duct test section is from low to high. When the pressure rises to the pressure required for the test, make it stable. At this time, the air leakage volume of the test section is equal to the supplementary air volume of the fan, and the negative pressure reading is directly displayed on the inclined pressure gauge. . Then calculate the air leakage per unit area according to the area of the test air duct.

Air Duct Installation - 2

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