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Square diffuser assembly machine VDM-200

Square diffuser assembly machine VDM-200
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Square Diffuser assembly machine

In order to meet the increasing market demand, most HVAC air vents manufacturers have converted the shape of the square diffuser into a stamped inner core and an outer frame to improve the efficiency and quality, and beautify the appearance.


The stamped square diffuser has a process of clamping the tube to fix the inner core. However, this process is complicated and manual operation is very time-consuming. In order to solve the difficulties of the industry, our company has developed the air diffuser production machine, which has the advantages of full-automatic conveying, one-shot automatic pinch and so on. Full-automatic conveying, the speed can be set by the control panel; the essence is a one-time forming full-automatic clamping tube, which only takes 5 seconds, and an 18''x18 '' square diffuser inner core is completed. This machine is also compatible with 5 international standard sizes, 6''x6 '', 9''x9 '', 12''x12 '', 15''x15 '', 18''x18 ''. One machine is equipped with 2 workers and the output can reach 600pcs / 8h.


VDM-200 is a square diffuser assembly machine. 

◆ Production line design. Automatic feeding. 

◆ It's economical design suitable for new set-up diffuser factories. 

◆ With 2 working stations.


Introduction of the square diffuser

The square diffuser has good diffusion characteristics and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in air conditioning system as air supply Its structure has various forms, with 1-4 different directions of diffusion, and can meet the requirements of all types of ceilings. The diffuser outer frame and inner core can be separated, easy to disassemble and install, and easy to adjust the air volume.



What is the difference between square diffuser and louvered air outlet?

1. Tengxiang square diffuser; in fact, it is also a whole air outlet, but it is required to "spread out the airflow", so it becomes a "diffuser". 
2. Square diffuser blade is symmetrical line outside the oblique arrangement, mainly for the airflow to spread around. Usually only do a layer of blades, only for the air outlet. 
3. louvered air outlet; also divided into air outlet and return air outlet, there are single-layer louvered air outlet and double-layer louvered air outlet two kinds. With filter and without filter. Outlet outer louvers adjustable, can point the airflow in one direction. Because the air outlet like louvered windows, so it is called "louvered air outlet". 

4. Diffuser and louvered air outlet and with mediation valve and without adjustment valve two. 
5. Materials are iron (fire fighting system), aluminum, wood, stainless steel, plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc. 

Square Diffuser assembly machine




Power supply

380V, 50HZ

Designed Production Capacity

600pcs/day(8 hours)



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