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Solutions to water circulation and water condensation during AC installation

Solutions to water circulation and water condensation during AC installation


Solutions to water circulation and water condensation during AC installation

In the installation construction of air system, there are a lot of aspects need to be paid attention to, otherwise bad effects later in using may occur. Among all the construction processes, the handling of water circulating and water condensation is essential. If not handled appropriately, the whole air conditioning operation will just have constant problems and leave customers a terrible experience and impression. Hope you find this article useful for your construction.

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1.Solution to the water circulating failure

(1) Focus on the quality of the pipeline

Based on the characteristics of circulating cooling water, the pipeline connection method should take into account the temperature, water pressure, corrosion resistance and gap use failure, for example, the water circulation failure can be improved by reasonable arrangement of pipe slope and elevation, installation of exhaust valve, etc., which has strong operational significance in practical use.

(2) Improve water quality

The treatment of circulating cooling water is divided into two types of physical and chemical methods. For the circulating cooling water system, the physical method can be used for water quality treatment and continuous drainage. The amount of continuous drainage control is a certain standard, in the cycle of water volume of 0.5-1.0% or so; for the newly installed water system, or has been completely descaled system, can also be carried out every week or two weeks drainage.

Chemical method has added water quality stabilizer method and ion exchange method. Adding water quality stabilizer method is to circulate water with scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition, sterilization, algae effect of water quality stabilizer, the circulating water treatment. The water quality stabilizer formula needs to be generally analyzed and determined by dynamic simulation. Also need to pay attention to its corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition, sterilization, algae synergistic effect. If the water quality stabilizer formulation is not properly selected, it will cause the loss of both. For air conditioning cooling circulating water, this method requires high technical requirements, operation, management trouble, engineering rarely used.

2. Solution to water condensation

(1) In the design of the pipeline, the length and slope of the pipeline should be appropriate, otherwise dripping phenomenon will occur. The installation and arrangement of the pipeline should be suitable for the discharge of condensate as soon as possible, and if necessary, water sealing devices can be set. 

     (2) Pay attention to the insulation effect of thermal materials. Air ducts and frozen water pipes must pay attention to insulation, pipe insulation must grasp two aspects, one is to ensure its integrity, the other is air tightness. The integrity of pipe insulation requirements do not allow the existence of cold loss, once the existence of cold loss of the surface, should be insulation material laying insulation treatment. And insulation of the air tightness is required to ensure that so insulation level are not allowed to have any damage, must ensure that the seal does not leak.

        Air conditioning system is like the respiratory tract of an architecture. Make sure each component is appropriately manufactured and installed is critical to the success of the whole construction project. As an over 15 years manufacturer of HVAC products, may you find the best solutions with VENTECH. Your questions and inquiries are always warmly welcome here.

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