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Advantages of phenolic insulation board

Advantages of phenolic insulation board


1) Excellent fire performance

The insulation layer is made of phenolic foam and combined with other materials for building insulation, which can basically reach the national fire protection standard B1 level, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of external insulation fire. The use temperature range is -250℃~+150℃.

2) Outstanding effect of heat preservation and energy saving

Phenolic insulation board has good thermal insulation performance, and its thermal conductivity is about 0.023W/(m·k), which is far lower than the commonly used inorganic and organic exterior wall insulation products on the market, and can achieve higher energy-saving effects.

3) Lightweight and non-absorbent

Phenolic insulation board is light in weight, and its bulk density is generally 30-80Kg/m³. At the same time, the phenolic insulation board does not absorb water and is not afraid of rain.

4) Safety and environmental protection

Phenolic insulation board is an environmentally friendly and green product, will not irritate the skin, will not cause any harm to the human body, and emit no toxic smoke during combustion (under limited conditions, it will release formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, etc. beyond the combustion limit).

5) Good dimensional stability

Phenolic insulation board has very good dimensional stability, no matter what the environment, there will be no shrinkage, deformation, etc.

6) Wide range of uses

Phenolic insulation board can not only be used in the external insulation system of building exterior walls, but also can be used in mobile rooms, purification workshops, cold storage color steel sandwich panels, air-conditioning ducts, pipe insulation, curtain wall insulation, roof insulation, computer room cabinet insulation, equipment Thermal insulation, carbon crystal electric heating plate thermal insulation and various fields that require thermal insulation.



The thermal conductivity of phenolic foam is about 0.023 (about 1/2 of that of polystyrene, and the heat transfer coefficient of polyphenyl is about 0.042), the fire rating is non-combustible B (which can withstand high temperatures of 150°C), and the price is similar to that of polyurethane. Both polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam are flammable and not resistant to high temperatures, and are being restricted by the fire department. Phenolic fire insulation board can effectively solve the problem of building fire protection and insulation. Phenolic insulation board does not melt, soften, emit low smoke at high temperatures, does not diffuse flame, is resistant to flame penetration, has excellent fire performance, and has good thermal insulation and energy saving effects , Combines excellent fire resistance and good energy-saving effects, and is suitable for external thermal insulation of external walls. Application form of phenolic insulation board:

1) External thermal insulation of building exterior walls (thin plastering system, integrated thermal insulation and decoration, curtain wall system)

2) Central air-conditioning composite air duct insulation (steel surface phenolic composite air duct, double-sided aluminum foil phenolic composite air duct)

3) Color steel sandwich panel field (movable board room, purification project, clean workshop, cold storage, cabinet room, etc.)

4) Roof insulation (residential roof, factory roof, roof insulation brick)

5) Insulation of cryogenic and cryogenic pipelines (LNG pipelines, liquefied natural gas pipelines, cold and hot water pipelines)

6) Various other fields requiring heat insulation

Phenolic foam materials have been greatly developed since the 1990s. They were first valued by the British and American military, used in aerospace, national defense and military industries, and then used in civil aircraft, ships, stations, oil wells and other places with strict fire protection requirements. Gradually promote it to high-rise buildings, hospitals, sports facilities and other fields.


Construction method

Insulation of the inner and outer walls of the phenolic insulation board generally adopts the mortar bonding method or the sticking nail bonding method

1. From the bottom to the top, start from the supporting part, and paste the phenolic insulation board on the wall with polymer cement mortar. The bonding area should be greater than 35%, and the first layer should be greater than 50%. If the outer sheath is heavier, 4-6 insulation nails should be nailed per square meter.

2. After bonding, stop for 24 hours before proceeding with the protective layer construction.

3. The external surface construction can be carried out after 24 hours.

4. The thickness and density of the insulation board are in accordance with the design requirements. Generally, it should not be less than 4cm in the area north of the Yellow River, and the density should be 50kg/m. It should be thickened in cold areas. The composite thermal insulation decorative board integrates building thermal insulation and decoration.

1. Factory production. The phenolic insulation board is firmly bonded to the decorative panel.

2. Adopt the light steel keel construction plan, hang the composite thermal insulation decorative board on the keel and fix it.

3. Be sure to handle the gaps between the boards to prevent water leakage.

The non-transparent curtain wall can be bonded to the inner panel of the curtain wall or fixed to the wall surface by bonding. A closed space is formed between the curtain wall panel.

The fire isolation belt shall be combined with nails according to the design requirements, and the distance shall not be less than 30 cm.

Special attention: Newly produced phenolic boards generally need to be post-cured for 21 days before they can be used.


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