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Analysis of measures to deal with common problems in HVAC installation and construction

Analysis of measures to deal with common problems in HVAC installation and construction


Analysis of measures to deal with common problems in HVAC installation and construction


1. Strengthen the design of various pipeline lines before installation

In an HVAC system, there are many plumbing lines. Their various management functions are different, and they all have their own unique missions. Therefore, they should be staggered as much as possible when designing to reduce mutual interference. Usually, the height of the ceiling can be determined according to the height and size of the air duct. The length of the air duct should not be too long as required, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of construction and affect the layout of the overall pipeline. Scientifically strengthening the layout of pipelines can effectively increase the usable space of the building. The pipeline design should be coordinated with the HVAC design and construction and installation to ensure smooth construction.

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2. Effective Measures to Eliminate Noise from HVAC Systems

We should seek truth from facts to improve the installation of HVAC equipment, the design and installation of water pipes, and the installation of ventilation systems; carefully analyze various construction processes; give priority to construction processes with shock absorption performance and low noise, and strictly Construction shall be carried out according to relevant specifications. When conditions permit, it should be combined with its own situation to carry out noise reduction treatment, thereby reducing the noise pollution of HVAC and improving people's quality of life.

3. Improve the failure of air conditioning water circulation system

The water circulation system is of great significance in the HVAC system. To improve the failure of the water circulation system, we need to strengthen management from three aspects: before construction, during construction and after construction. First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the construction management before the installation of HVAC, and formulate the elevation and slope of the pipeline in strict accordance with the design requirements, thereby reducing the occurrence of airbags. If the air bag reappears, consider installing an exhaust valve according to the needs, and set the outlet of the exhaust duct at a position where the HVAC system is conducive to exhausting. Secondly, when welding steel pipes, the relevant personnel should promptly deal with the rust, welding slag and dirt on the pipes according to the specifications and standards, and then use the designated items to block the nozzles. A blowdown valve of a certain size should be installed at the bottom of the water circulation pipeline to ensure blowdown capacity. Finally, after the installation of HVAC, regular inspections should be carried out, daily maintenance should be paid attention to, and faults should be dealt with in a timely manner.

4. Analysis of measures to solve condensation and dripping water

Condensation and dripping water are very common in the use of air conditioners. Commonly used measures are to strengthen the management of thermal insulation materials, strictly ensure the quality of HVAC construction materials, and strictly abandon unqualified piping materials. In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the technical disclosure work of various departments before construction and the inspection during construction, and technical violations are strictly prohibited. In addition, an insulation sleeve should be installed on the freezing pipe at the part where the HVAC passes through the wall, so as to ensure the continuity and tightness of the insulation layer between the part passing through the wall and the connecting pipe.

To sum up, HVAC is an important facility in local housing construction projects. This system can effectively improve indoor living comfort. However, when installing HVAC, if the construction personnel due to technical reasons or other factors cause Improper operation and other problems will seriously affect the effectiveness of HVAC. In order to prevent such situations, project managers should strengthen construction management. Combined with the above-mentioned viewpoints, control is carried out from multiple aspects, thereby ensuring the normal operation of HVAC control and providing protection for people's comfortable life.

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