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Difference between ducted and ductless HVAC

Difference between ducted and ductless HVAC


Difference between ducted and ductless HVAC

Ductless Air Conditioning System

A ductless air conditioning system doesn’t come with ducts in the walls for air distribution. A ductless air conditioning system sends refrigerant directly to multiple small air handlers (also called blowers) that are installed throughout your residence. These air handlers looks like they are embed in the wall, and they remove heat from each room individually.

If your home has limited space in the walls and ceilings, a ductless system might be the best choice. There is less dust introduced to your rooms, because the air is not traveling throughout the space via ducts where dust can collect, . These can be independently controlled for different cooling needs, because ductless air conditioning systems have separate air handlers in each room.

ductless air conditioning system


Ducted Air Conditioning System

HVAC systems have two types: ducted and ductless HVAC system. A ducted HVAC system is often considered as central heating and air conditioning. A ducted HVAC system is a single air handling unit, which sends heated or cooled air out to the building. Ducted HVAC systems are more efficient an deffective for commercial buildings with large open spaces. They are often installed with uniform heating and cooling. A ducted system has a simplified central control system. In a home or commercial space where temperatures generally remain uniform, sometimes this convenience can outweigh the advantages of zoning. 

For those houses which already come with a ductwork installed, a ducted system is recommended. Because it’s easier and cheaper. Ducted air conditioners are better at controlling humidity, and provide better air circulation. So humidity and air flow quality is not a concern anymore. In a residential space, appearance is also playing an important role. The air handler boxes mounted on the wall or ceiling of each room for a ductless air conditioning system are not always ideal from an aesthetic perspective. Everything is hidden behind walls and in crawl spaces with a ducted system. Ducted air conditioner are easier and less expensive to service since there are fewer components, because they only require occasional cleaning. There’s just the outside unit and the single indoor air handler. Ductless air conditioning systems have air handlers in each room that require service. A ducted air conditioning system has many components as following:

*Ducted Air Conditioner



*Diffuser and Grille or Vent


*Air Filter

*Support Accessories

Ducted Air Conditioning System

Pre-insulated ducts are made of either polyurethane (PU) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) material. They are much lighter than traditional galvanized iron rigid ducts. Pre-insulated ducts are easier to fabricate, therefore, the production time and delivery lead time are shorter thereby reducing the overall production cost. However, the material cost is still higher than that of other duct materials such as sheet metals, fiber glass ect.

Pre-insulated ducts occupy less space than rigid ducts. Because they are pre-insulated, they do not require further insulations on-site which enable them to be installed very close to the soffit slab or even flush with the soffit slab. However, not many HVAC contractors are willing to learn how to install them because of their higher material cost. Therefore, their adoption rate is still stagnated after so many years.

        They are normally be cut by a PID fabrication machine before installation. A PID fabrication machine is CNC duct fabrication machine that processes phenolic panels fastly and easily. HVAC contractors often use PID fabrication machine to fabricate pre-insulated ducts. There are many PID fabrication machines available in the market. But not all of them are used to cut pre-insulated ducts specifically. So when you search for a PID fabrication machine, please make sure it’s used to cut HVAC pre-insulated ducts. Some suppliers claimed their PID fabrication machine cuts duct boards, but actually they can also be used to cut woods, furnitures, foams ect.

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