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How much do you know about the air outlets commonly used in air conditioning ventilation?

How much do you know about the air outlets commonly used in air conditioning ventilation?


How much do you know about the air outlets commonly used in air conditioning ventilation?

In the air duct conveying system, in order to make the air flow evenly sent to each machine room, it is necessary to send a certain amount of air through the air outlet with a certain shape, area and different air flow directions. In order to meet the requirements of different air supply methods, decoration methods, and airflow organization, there are many types of air outlets. Commonly used air outlets include louver air outlets, diffuser air outlets, strip air outlets, orifice air outlets, egg-shaped air outlets, and discs. Diffuser, fixed louver tuyere, vertical louver tuyere and other forms.

The tuyere material can be divided into steel, aluminum alloy natural color, aluminum alloy brown color, aluminum alloy sprayed plastic, hard plastic and other types. No matter what kind of air outlet is used, it should have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, exquisite structure, convenient installation, easy to cooperate with decoration projects, reasonable air flow organization, etc., so as to meet the air supply requirements. The structure and installation classification of commonly used air outlets are as follows:

1. Venetian air outlet

There are single-layer louvers and double-layer louvers. The blades in the single-layer louver are horizontal, and in the double-layer louver, one layer of blades is horizontal and the other layer is vertical. The blade can manually adjust the direction of the wind. Adding a filter screen to the single-layer louver air outlet can be used as a return air outlet. Steel or wooden keel frame to fix the tuyere. When installing, it should be straight and close to the wall or board surface without leaving any gaps. When fixing to the keel frame, self-tapping screws should be installed on the inside of the tuyere, and self-tapping screws or rivets should not be used on the front of the tuyere or on the frame of the tuyere. The tuyere should be firmly fixed and not loose.

1) Fixed louver air outlet

The blades of the tuyere are fixed at a certain angle, and this angle is greater than 45 degrees, which is used for the return air outlet of the air conditioner. The common rain-proof louver tuyere is also a fixed percentage tuyere, and the angle is generally fixed at 45 degrees at this time

2) Single-layer louvered tuyere

The air outlet with adjustable blades can be used as both return air outlet and air supply outlet. When used as an air supply outlet, the air outlet angle can be adjusted in two directions according to the requirements of the airflow organization in the room, and it can be installed vertically or on the ceiling.

3) Double-layer louvered air outlet

It is mostly used for the air outlet, and can adjust the air outlet angle in four directions, and the air volume adjustment range is much larger than that of the single-layer louver air outlet.

4) Self-hanging louver air outlet

Normally, the louvers of the tuyere droop naturally due to their own weight, isolating the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, and are opened or closed by the air pressure difference on both sides of the tuyere. The tuyere has a one-way non-return function and can only be used for vertical installation. It is required to maintain a certain wind speed. If the wind speed is too small, the opening angle is too small and the resistance coefficient is too large. It is generally used for positive pressure air supply in stairwells.

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2. Orifice air outlet

The air outlet of the orifice plate has a number of round holes on the metal plate on the windward side. It can be used with the static pressure box. The air flow is uniform and it is a stable pressure air supply. Because the wind speed decays quickly, people will not feel the wind. It is suitable for air supply in the clean air-conditioning system. At present, ceiling panels with perforated air supply are commonly used in computer rooms, but attention should be paid to the cleaning treatment above the ceiling.

3. Egg-shaped outlet

Also known as square air outlet, the blades form a grid shape, which has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient installation, but the blades cannot adjust the air outlet angle. It is used in air-conditioned rooms that do not require high air flow organization. It can be used as air supply and return air outlets or It can be installed according to the needs of decoration. The egg-shaped air outlet is installed on the ceiling to supply air downward, but it is generally used as a return air outlet.

4. Plug-in air outlet

It is mainly installed on circular air ducts, and is mostly used for air supply of civil air defense ventilation ducts, or for ventilation or air conditioning systems that require low air flow organization.

5. Single and double-sided air supply (suction) outlets

It is often used in the air supply (exhaust) outlet of the ventilation system, and is mostly installed on the vertical branch air duct, which can directly supply air to the work area or directly discharge the gas in the harmful gas area to the outside through the air suction port. The height of the air suction port can be determined according to the nature of the harmful substances discharged. There are single and double-sided types for the air supply (suction) outlet. In addition to the above air outlets, there are also nozzle-type air outlets with longer jets for larger spaces.

6. Swirl air outlet

The swirl air outlet sends out the swirling jet, which has the characteristics of large induction ratio and fast wind speed attenuation. It can be used in air conditioning and ventilation systems for large air volume and large temperature difference to reduce the number of air outlets. It is installed on the ceiling or ceiling and can be used within 3 meters. In the low space, two kinds of heights can also be used to supply air in a large area, and the height can even reach more than 10 meters.

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