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7 Tips you should know about installing Phenolic pre-insulated ductworks Part One

7 Tips you should know about installing Phenolic pre-insulated ductworks Part One


7 Tips you should know about installing Phenolic pre-insulated ductworks

Part One

The phenolic composite air duct has good thermal insulation, which can greatly reduce the heat dissipation loss of the air conditioner, which reduces the equipment capacity of the central air conditioning system. The noise-absorbing fittings such as the noise-absorbing elbow greatly reduce the economic cost, are light in weight, can reduce the construction load, and are easy to install, so they have a wide range of applications and have attracted widespread attention. I don’t know how much you know about the installation specifications of phenolic composite air ducts? The installation specifications of phenolic composite air ducts determine whether the phenolic composite air ducts can perform normally. Next, let’s learn about the installation specifications of phenolic composite air ducts.

installing Phenolic pre-insulated ductworks

1. The side length of the rectangular air duct for making phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct should be 120≦L≦3000, and the ratio of the long side to the short side should not be greater than 4:1.

In order to ensure the strength of the air duct after manufacture, 20mm aluminum foil should be reserved on one side of the joint when cutting the material for edge protection.

The surface of the air duct should be flat, with parallel ends, no obvious pits, deformation, blisters, and no damage to the aluminum foil.

2. F-type flanges should be used for the connection of air ducts, and adhesives should be applied to the joints for bonding. The allowable deviation of the flatness of the board surface after connection is 5mm. Attention should be paid to the splicing of air ducts: positioning first and then pasting.

Line up the splicing, align the joint parts, ensure that each side is vertical, use a spatula to press and stick it firmly, and apply sealant to the inner seam of the air duct to seal it to prevent the air comes in contact with the insulating foam.

3. Use 50mm-60mm wide tape (minimum 50) to make it overlap with the adjacent surface at least 25mm wide, and be careful not to produce folds when tightening wrinkle. On curved surfaces or large gaps, glass glue can be used to seal. When pasting the aluminum foil tape, the two sides in contact with the tape should be clean and smooth. Flatten with a spatula Tape, squeezing out the air. The bonding at the seams should be tight and firm.

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4. Where the outer aluminum skin is cut off, it must be sealed with pressure-sensitive tape, and the surface of the part to be bonded must be kept clean and dry. When the flange is broken, the distance method Cut off the 300mm at the orchid, and add a short tube. When sealing, use a ruler to get the tape to adhere neatly and use a spatula to make sure the tape is under the air is squeezed out.

5. All seams must be on one line, changing the seams will lead to incorrect air duct direction.

6. When the size and wind pressure exceed a certain value, corresponding reinforcement measures shall be adopted: Plane reinforcement is used when the side length of the air duct is > 400mm; corner reinforcement is used when the side length of 250≤ side length ≤ 400mm. The side length ≧ 2000mm needs to increase external reinforcement, plus the solid angle steel above ∠30*3 is made into a hoop shape to tighten the air duct. The corner reinforcement of the air duct is to paste galvanized steel with a thickness of more than 0.75mm on the four corners of the air duct Right-angle gasket, the width of the right-angle gasket is equal to the thickness of the air duct plate, and the side length is not less than 55mm. 

The connection between the main air duct and the branch air duct: the direct opening on the main air duct to connect the branch air duct can use 90° connectors or other special connectors, and the four corners of the connectors. Sealant should be applied. When the side length of the branch pipe is not more than 500mm, it can also be directly connected by cutting a 45° groove. When connecting the main air duct and the flexible air duct, care should be taken to put the ring-shaped stop on the composite plate, and then turn the edge to fix it.

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