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7 Tips you should know about installing Phenolic pre-insulated ductworks Part Two

7 Tips you should know about installing Phenolic pre-insulated ductworks Part Two


7 Tips you should know about installing Phenolic pre-insulated ductworks

Part Two

Phenolic pre-insulated ductworks


7. Air duct hoisting:

1) The support and hanger of ultra-wide special air ducts with a diameter greater than 2000mm or a side length greater than 2500mm shall be in accordance with the design or current regulations.

2) The blanking of the support and hanger is processed by machining, and the cutting edge of the gas welding should be polished. Electric welding shall not be used to drill or ream holes.

3) The boom should be straight and the thread should be complete and smooth. The extension of the boom can be spliced by the following methods:

① Continuous welding on both sides of the lap joint is adopted, and the length of the lap joint is not less than 6 times the diameter of the boom.

② When threaded connection is used, the length of the screw screwed into the connecting nut should be greater than the diameter of the boom and anti-loosening measures should be taken.

4) The rectangular air duct is installed horizontally at the maximum allowable installation distance, and the maximum distance between the load-bearing cross arm, the diameter of the boom and the hanger must comply with the specifications in the table below


5) When the air duct is vertically hoisted: the spacing between the supports should be ≤ 2.4m, and there should be no less than 2 supports for each standpipe.

6) When the length of the air duct is > 10m, it should be provided with reinforced supports to prevent the air duct from swinging. A single straight duct should have at least 2 fixed points, and each system should not

less than 1. After the air duct is installed, the force on the support and hanger should be uniform.

And without obvious deformation, the deflection of the cross arm of the hanger should be less than 9mm.

7) The position of the boom should be accurate, the shaft should be vertical, the crossarm should be flat, and the various booms, hangers and accessories for making the support and hanger should be prepared before installation.

Anti-rust treatment.

8) A 3-5mm wear-resistant rubber plate (vibration pad) should be added to the contact surface between the cross arm and the air duct.

9) When the air duct passes through the fire-proof and explosion-proof floor or ground that needs to be closed, a pre-buried pipe or protective pipe with a wall thickness of not less than 1.6mm should be installed.

The space between the sleeves should be sealed with flexible materials that are non-combustible and harmless to the human body.

10) There should be protective measures such as anti-leakage when the air duct passes through the roof.

11) The air duct interface shall not be installed in the wall or floor. When the air duct is installed according to the wall or floor, the distance from the wall or floor should be greater than 150mm.

12) The supports, hangers, and brackets of the air duct installation should be arranged at equal distances, but they cannot be arranged at the air outlet, air valve, inspection door, and measurement hole.

place. The distance between the end support and hanger of the air duct and the end of the air duct shall not be greater than 400mm.

13) Protective measures should be taken when the branch pipe with a length >500mm is connected to the air pipe. Dampers, fire dampers, regulating valves, etc. with a side length greater than 200mm

Components should be provided with supports and hangers separately.

14) More than 2 reinforcement supports should be set for the air outlet section with high pressure (P≥1000Pa).

15) The combustion performance of PVC connectors should reach the flame retardant B1 level.


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