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The advantage and disadvantage of air outlet material in central air conditioning systems

The advantage and disadvantage of air outlet material in central air conditioning systems


The advantage and disadvantage of air outlet material in central air conditioning systems

Key words: air vent, air outlet, refrigeration system, air conditioning systems


The central air conditioning system consists of one or more cold and heat source systems and multiple air conditioning systems. The principle of liquid vaporization refrigeration is adopted to provide the required cooling capacity for the air conditioning system to offset the heat load of the indoor environment; the heating system provides the required heat for the air conditioning system to offset the cooling load of the indoor environment. The refrigeration system is a crucial part of the central air-conditioning system, and its type, operation mode, and structural form directly affect the economy, efficiency, and rationality of the central air-conditioning system in operation. There are four kinds of materials for central air-conditioning vents: wood, aluminum, 'ABS' and rigid PVC.

1. Aluminum alloy material

 Aluminum alloy air vents are commonly used in existing household central air conditioner users. 1. When cooling in summer, if the supply air temperature is too low, the insulation is not done well during construction, and the air volume is too small, condensation will occur at the air outlet, and there will be water droplets in severe cases. 2. The aluminum alloy material profiles are processed by cutting, welding, painting, baking paint and other production processes. The hazards of paint are well known. An air outlet releases formaldehyde slowly through the air during the cooling and heating process, which affects your health unknowingly.

aluminum air vent

2. PVC material

     PVC is actually a vinyl polymer, and its material is an amorphous material. Now used in household central air conditioners, there is less condensation phenomenon; it has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. PVC has strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids; rigid PVC material has high density (ABS≈1.04, rigid PVC≈1.04), the same size and area of the air outlet, the weight is about 1.5 times that of ABS and aluminum alloy, the impact strength is also inferior to ABS material, but the price is slightly lower . The PVC air outlet is made by splicing, and it will turn yellow soon after it is installed, and the discoloration phenomenon is very serious. Moreover, when the hot air is blowing in winter, the temperature of the air outlet is high, and the nature of PVC is not resistant to high temperature, so the PVC air outlet is very easy to become soft and deformed. What's more serious is that the air outlet made of PVC material will thermally decompose due to high temperature when the air conditioner is heated in winter, which will generate hydrogen chloride and olefin gases that are harmful to the human body! The air outlet of the same size and area is about 1.5~1.6 times the weight of ABS and aluminum alloy. Think about it: if a air outlet is made, it changes color, deforms, and contains harmful substances. Do you think customers will accept it? (The difference between ABS and PVC air outlet profiles is that they are burned with fire, ABS has an open flame (smoldering materials can be added), and PVC is flame retardant and emits black smoke.)

pvc air vent

3. 'ABS' profile material (plastic steel air outlet)

      PS foam sheet + alloy material; plastic extrusion profile is a new type of material that "replaces wood with plastic". It uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material and is made by a special foaming process. The product has the advantages of moisture-proof, flame-retardant (self-extinguishing), unchanged shape, non-toxic, beautiful, strong anti-aging ability, and has excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, insulation and other outstanding advantages. According to the user's requirements, the profiles can be assembled into various styles and sizes of tuyere according to the decoration needs, but the PS-type material air outlet has many production processes, which is the main reason for its high price. In addition, due to the addition of alloy materials, the product quality is relatively brittle, and the air outlet is easily cracked when shooting a nail gun or self-tapping screw when installing the air outlet in winter.

plastic air vents

4. Wood material

      Wooden air vents are easier to integrate with the decoration in a specific decoration style. However, when heating in winter, due to the large temperature difference between the air outlet when using and not using the air conditioner, it is easy to deform, crack, and even moldy and rot. The cost of cutting and assembling the wooden air outlet itself is not cheap, and the relative price is not low.

      The quality of the air outlet of the central air conditioner will directly affect the condensation of the air outlet. According to the household usage habits in different regions, choose the most suitable material and size of the air outlet to ensure a good experience.

wooden air vents

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