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Five Tips for how to choose a CNC control cutting machine

Five Tips for how to choose a CNC control cutting machine


Five Tips for how to choose a CNC control cutting machine

CNC control cutting machine

1. Cutting accuracy

The cutting accuracy highly affects the utilization rate of the air duct sheet. For the construction industry, it is generally required to be less than ±0.5mm; for the pre-insulation and heat preservation air duct cutting, the general requirement is not to exceed ±0.3mm. Different equipment has different cutting accuracy for different materials. We can't just look at the introduction of the product manual, there should be a complete set of procedures for testing the cutting accuracy during acceptance, and the accuracy of the actual cutting product should be measured.

2. Cutting speed

We can only talk about the speed on the premise that the cutting accuracy is satisfied. Since the cutting platform is short, it is difficult to judge whether it has reached the highest speed with eyes. We can use the software simulation function of the servo drive of the cutting machine to check whether the motor speed has reached Highest. When testing the cutting speed, it is not necessary to increase the acceleration and deceleration. Each axis can be tested separately or simultaneously.

3. Automation

On the edge of the cutting machine, considering the processing cost and the particularity of the type of work, people with high education are generally not arranged to do it. This requires that the operation of the cutting machine should be simple, easy to understand, and not too complicated, otherwise it will cause serious problems. The embarrassing situation of being able to afford the machine but not being able to support the machine. VENTECH CNC cutting machine is equipped with VENTECH own software program, which is developed by software engineer team. It has a high degree of automation and can automatically calculate the use of HVAC material (Pre-insulated duct sheet, insulation), automatically typesetting, and automatically cutting. Users can finish the ductwork drawing on the cutting machine, or on their own computer, and then copy it into the cutting machine with a USB disk and use it directly. This automation can greatly save labor and time.

4. Equipment maintenance

Don’t equip too many signals and mechanical sensors, and try to keep as few unnecessary switches and indicator lights as possible, because once a certain mechanical component fails, it will affect the use of the cutting machine. If there are fewer components, the probability of failure will be lower, and the wiring will be less, It is convenient to find faults and replace parts, and it is best to debug the status of each I/0 signal on the screen. The software interface of the VENTECH cutting machine has a security log, which is convenient for users to do troubleshooting and maintenance.

5. Save gas and energy;

When the cutting size requirements can also be fulfilled, choosing energy-saving cutting opportunities will bring many benefits to the enterprise. One is to protect the environment and save energy; the other is to save the daily expenses of the enterprise.

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