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Why need CNC cutting machine in our production?

Why need CNC cutting machine in our production?


Why need CNC cutting machine in our production?

The high precision and high efficiency of the CNC cutting machine make many customers overjoyed. Today, I will introduce some reasons for purchasing the CNC cutting machine:

1. Saving material: Cutting with traditional manual cutting methods will easily cause large cutting errors. If you are not careful when cutting, the cut workpieces may not be used and will be wasted. Cutting with CNC cutting machine, fixed-point cutting, high precision, less dross hanging, and cutting in place.

2. Saving time: Traditional cutting needs to draw graphics on the material sheet, and then cut along the line according to the shape of the graphics. Drawing needs to be measured first, and the process is complicated and inaccurate. Most of the CNC cutting machines only need to use the drawing software to draw the graphics, compile the process, transfer the U disk directly to the CNC cutting machine, position and cut, and the cutting can also simulate the drawing to realize graphics and Simulate contrast to make cutting more accurate. VENTECH Pre-insulated air duct sheet cutting machine is equipped with automatic drawing and typesetting software, even no need extra CAD software. Users can directly choose the duct fittings type in software, input the cutting size and production quantity, and then make the drawing, directly import typesetting and do the cutting automatically. This saves users more time.

CNC cutting machine show

3. Saving energy: The traditional cutting method needs to adjust the fire before cutting, and it is easy to waste a lot of gas during the fire adjustment process. Using a CNC cutting machine to cut, you only need to input the material and thickness, so that you can cut without worry.

4. Saving labor: Several workers cut for eight hours non-stop, and the cutting volume may be equal to the half-day cutting volume of the CNC cutting machine. From this data, CNC cutting is the best tool to improve efficiency. To cut the pre-insulated duct sheet, labor manual cutting can process 5 to 10 pcs of material in 8hrs work. VENTECH CNC machine maximum cutting speed is 1500m/second. That means daily production efficiency could be 30 to 50 pcs of duct sheets.

5. Save money: Use manual cutting, the amount of cutting is directly proportional to the money. In layman's terms, the more you want to cut, the more wages you pay to the workers. The CNC cutting machine is different, one-time investment, unlimited returns; no need to pay extra money because of the large number of cuts, its price is fixed, and will not increase cumulatively.

VENTECH has China top CNC cutting machine technology. Our most hot model:

●CNC cutting machine for Pre-insulated duct

●CNC cutting machine for Insulation

●CNC Laser cutting machine

All the models focus in cutting material for Heating Ventilation and Air Condition industry. They are developed based on VENTECH HVAC experience for 20 years. If you are interested in our CNC cutting machine, welcome inquiry to us!

CNC cutting machine

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