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VENTECH software control cutting machine

VENTECH software control cutting machine


VENTECH software control cutting machine

Pre-insulated duct cutting machine

VENTECH has China top advanced Pre-inulsated duct cutting machine.VDCM cutting machine is special for PIR/Phenolic duct sheet cutting. It can process duct sheet includes Kingspan, P3, etc. Machine design and highligh:
1. It has a large table which can cut 3 or 4 meter duct sheet, table with the vacuum system for fixing material.
2. Equipped with V-groove cutting heads, fast make rectangle duct
3. Equipped with 5-axis cutting head, to handle different duct fittings

In the ducting project, we know the software function is the top concern by the machine user. A good software can save a lot of time in drawing and setting in computer.

Now our cutting machine is equipped with such an advanced software to support client to solve problem in the projects.

VENTECH machine software, it is developed and made by VENTECH technical team.

We test it thousands of times and it is good enough for mass quantity of duct sheet cutting. Also, many of our buyer & users like it because it give big support on project!

For software, we not only offer Permanent for software, we also keep updating more duct shapes into software library. Software function:
1. Automatically nest all duct parts on the duct sheet drawing
2. Automatic cutting
3. Automatic marking numbers

Benefit of this machine:
1. Save time: no need to do any drawing, machine software can do it for you automatically
2. Save labor: no need to manually cut, the machine can cut automatically
3. Save cost: fast cutting, accurate cutting!
4. support you get more ductwork project: it can cut many duct fittings types!

duct board cutter

Insulation soft material cutting machine

Apart from Pre-insulated duct cutting machine, we have another model for HVAC material, VSCM is fit for cutting fiberglass, foam, insulation, rubber, etc, which is widely used in GI ducting products. Machine design and highlight:

1. It has a optional table with size 2500x1600mm or 1800x1300. You can choose based on your mateial size. Vaccum suction table for Stable Cutting

2. Optional fixed table for material in sheet, or auotmatic feed table for material in roll, and with a material holder for material in Roll
3. Four-Axis Cutting Head to handle Cuting

About machine after-sales service

We have a technical team to do online support and guide.

First the machine will be finished commission before delivery. It is easy to install in your factory.

Second, we provide operation videos along with the machine, to guide you how to install & operate it.

If need online support, we can remote control the machine and do maintain.

Lastly, we offer consuming spare parts (cutting blade & table mat)

Why choose VENTECH cutting machine?

VENTECHH have nearly 20 years in HVAC industry.

Now we focus in Cutting solution machines, our cutting machine has sold to North & South America, Europe, Middle East & Asia countries. 

Every month we sell cutting machines to the market, and receive good feedback from clients. We sincerely hope to share the machine benefit with you!

PIR/Phenolic duct sheet cutting

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