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Central air conditioner outlet

Central air conditioner outlet


Central air conditioner outlet

  Central air conditioner outlet


The central air conditioner is installed in a hidden way, the pipes and indoor unit are hidden in the ceiling, and only the air outlet is left in the room, which not only meets people's requirements for the beauty and unity of the interior decoration style, but also allows people in it to enjoy a comfortable temperature. The central air-conditioning outlet is the terminal equipment used for air supply and return air in the central air-conditioning system, and it is an air distribution equipment. The size and material of the air outlet of the central air conditioner are all required. Only when users consider it comprehensively can they save their worries!

Selection of the size of the air outlet

The size of the air outlet depends on the capacity of the indoor unit. If the air outlet is too large and the air duct is too long, the airflow speed will decrease, which will affect the effect of the air conditioner. If the air outlet is selected to be too small, the airflow velocity will increase, which will cause discomfort caused by the wind blowing directly on the human body, and may also cause excessive noise.

Since the wind speed at the outlet of the wind disk is generally greater than that at the inlet, when the air volume is constant, the area of the air inlet is larger than that of the outlet. If the air inlet and outlet are reversed, the air volume will decrease, but the outlet air temperature will increase. If the heating effect is poor, there may be a problem with the selection of the fan coil, or there may be a problem with the water flow, such as filter clogging, gas accumulation in the pipe, and the amount of water flowing through the coil is less than the rated amount, all of which will lead to poor heating effect.

There is no clear regulation on the size of the outlet/return air outlet of the central air conditioner, and it can be flexibly modified according to the home decoration. The size of the air outlet/return depends on the capacity of the indoor unit. The width of the air outlet and return air can basically be determined, but the length should be determined according to the length of the indoor unit and the decoration environment.

Material selection of air outlet

The air outlet materials of central air conditioners mainly include wood materials, aluminum alloy materials, and ABS materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your own needs. Generally, most families choose aluminum alloy air outlets, which are cost-effective. Families that pay more attention to decoration style can choose wooden air outlets or ABS material air outlets.

1. Aluminum alloy tuyere: cost-effective, moderate price.

In most central air-conditioning projects, the air outlets made of aluminum alloy are used. It should be noted that during cooling in summer, due to the low temperature of the air supply, poor insulation during construction, and too small air volume, the tuyere is prone to condensation. However, this is generally not the case when construction is carried out strictly in accordance with the specifications.

2. Wood material air outlet: beautiful and generous, with texture, can match the overall wooden decoration style.

Its shortcoming is that when heating in winter, due to the large temperature difference between the tuyere and the air conditioner, it is easy to deform and crack.

3. ABS material tuyere.

An emerging resin material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the main raw material and is made by a special foaming process. The product has the advantages of moisture-proof, flame retardant (self-extinguishing), non-deformable, non-toxic, beautiful, strong anti-aging ability, etc., and has excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance, anti-corrosion, waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, insulation and other outstanding advantages. The air outlet can be assembled into various styles and sizes according to user requirements and profiles according to decoration requirements. There are many colors for designers to choose from. Generally, there is less deformation and condensation, but the price is slightly more expensive.


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