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Main control items and general items of fireproof board air duct construction

Main control items and general items of fireproof board air duct construction


Main control items and general items of fireproof board air duct construction

The silicate fireproof board composite air duct has the characteristics of non-combustible A grade, the air duct itself has a certain sound absorption effect, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, good tightness and long service life, etc. It has obvious advantages when used in the exhaust system , The color of the fireproof board air duct is unified with the decorative surface, and the decoration effect is better.

fiberglass duct board

Construction preparation

(1) Specifications, performance, thickness and other technical parameters of the fireproof board shall comply with the design requirements. When there is no stipulation in the design, it shall not be lower than the stipulations in the table below. The panels are smooth on the front and sanded on the back.

(2) Materials such as flange connectors and reinforcements shall be Class A non-combustible materials, and the keels, self-tapping screws and sealants used shall match the materials of the plates, and shall meet the fire protection and environmental protection requirements.

Master project

(1) The material specifications, performance, thickness and other parameters of the air duct shall comply with the design and construction quality acceptance specifications and the current national product standards.

(2) All the materials obtained for the fireproof board air duct must be Class A non-combustible materials and meet the design requirements.

(3) The connection, sealing and reinforcement of the fireproof board air duct and the connection between the flange and the air duct should be firm and reliable, and the connection method that reduces the strength of the plate should not be used.

(4) When the air duct of the fireproof board passes through the fireproof and explosion-proof wall or floor that needs to be closed, the air duct and the reserved hole should be tightly sealed with non-combustible flexible materials.

(5) The strength and tightness test of the air duct shall meet the design requirements or current national standards.

General project

(1) Allowable deviation of the air duct: the butt connection of the air duct should be straight and not twisted. The horizontal allowable deviation of surface-mounted air ducts is 3‰, and the total deviation should not exceed 20mm; the allowable deviation of verticality is 2‰, and the total deviation should not exceed 20mm. The position of the concealed air duct should be correct without obvious deviation.

(2) The joints between the air duct and accessories should be tight, and the corners should be straight; the air duct has no obvious distortion and warping angle; the surface should be smooth.

(3) The joints of air ducts and flange joints are firmly and smoothly connected, and the reinforcements are uniform and reasonable, which meet the technical standards.

The above is the introduction of the whole content of the fireproof board air duct. The fireproof board air duct is made of natural raw materials, which are green and environmentally friendly materials. It has good board adjustment performance. Balanced, with anti-deformation, anti-sag product performance.

fiberglass duct board - 1

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