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Features and Applications of Phenolic Composite Air Duct(Pre-insulated Duct)

Features and Applications of Phenolic Composite Air Duct(Pre-insulated Duct)


Features and Applications of Phenolic Composite Air DuctPre-insulated Duct

Pre-insulated Duct


Phenolic foam plastic is a new type of flame retardant, fireproof and low smoke insulation material. It is a closed-cell rigid foam made of phenolic resin with flame retardant, smoke suppressant, foaming agent, curing agent and other additives.


Its most prominent features are flame retardant, low smoke, and high temperature deformation resistance. It can be cast-in-place foamed, molded, and machined. It can be made into plates, shells and various special-shaped products. It overcomes the shortcomings of the original foam plastic insulation material, such as flammability, smoke, and heat deformation, and retains the characteristics of the original foam plastic insulation material, such as light weight and convenient construction.


Phenolic foam has abundant sources of raw materials, low price, simple production and processing, and wide range of products. It is suitable for large-scale cold storage, storage tanks, ships and various insulation pipes and construction industries. If it is used in factories, mines and mechanical equipment with strict fire protection requirements, it can highlight its characteristics of flame retardant, low smoke, and high temperature disparity resistance. Such as: heat preservation of ships, warships, trains, armored vehicles, papermaking, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Performance characteristics of phenolic foam board:

1. It has a uniform closed-cell structure, low thermal conductivity, and good thermal insulation performance, which is equivalent to polyurethane and better than polystyrene foam.

2. Under the direct action of the flame, it has carbon formation, no dripping, no curling, and no melting. After the flame burns, a layer of "graphite foam" is formed on the surface, which effectively protects the foam structure in the layer. Anti-flame penetration time up to 1 hour;

3. The applicable temperature range is wide, it can be used at -200°C~200°C in a short period of time, and it can be used at 140°C~160°C for a long time. It is superior to polystyrene foam (80°C) and polyurethane foam (110°C).

4. Phenolic molecules contain only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. When subjected to pyrolysis, except for a small amount of CO gas, no other toxic gases will be produced, and the maximum smoke density is 5.0%. After the 25mm thick phenolic foam board is subjected to flame spraying at 1500°C for 10 minutes, only the surface is slightly carbonized but it cannot be burned through, and it will neither catch fire nor emit thick smoke and poisonous gas.

5. In addition to being corroded by strong alkali, phenolic foam can almost resist the erosion of all inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents. Long-term exposure to sunlight, no obvious aging phenomenon, so it has good aging resistance.

6. It has a good closed-cell structure, low water absorption and strong steam penetration resistance. Condensation does not occur when used for thermal insulation purposes (cold insulation).

7. Dimensional stability, small change rate. The dimensional change rate is less than 4% within the temperature range of use.

8. The cost of phenolic foam is low, only equivalent to two-thirds of polyurethane foam.


Application form of phenolic foam insulation material:

1. Produce phenolic foam boards/panels, and then use CNC cutting machine(Ventech pre-insulated duct cutting machine is your good choice) to cut into various duct graphics, which are used in various occasions for ducting work.

2. It can be directly produced into veneer thin board or large-scale board, which can be used for building interior decoration board or firewall, fireproof board and fireproof partition wall, etc.

3. On-site pouring of foam, which can pour insulation layers such as large storage tanks, reactors and pipelines outdoors below 15°C.

4. Spray foam on site, and use a spray gun to spray the surface of mines, tunnels and underground buildings as thermal insulation layer.

5. It can be used as the material for thermal insulation inside and outside the exterior wall and the core of the color steel sandwich panel


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