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Features of phenolic insulation board

Features of phenolic insulation board


Features of phenolic insulation board

When you hold the phenolic insulation board, you will find it is light and easy to transport. Phenolic insulation board is a closed-cell rigid foam plastic made by scientific formula with phenolic resin and flame retardant, smoke suppressant, curing agent, foaming agent, and other auxiliaries.

phenolic insulation board

Application field of phenolic insulation board: Because polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam are flammable and not resistant to high temperature, they are being restricted by fire departments in some industrialized countries. For places with strict fire protection requirements, government departments have expressly stipulated that only phenolic insulation board can be used. Therefore, phenolic foam duct material is a high-performance material more suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions, and has a good development prospect. What's more, it is also an environmentally friendly green product, which not only does not emit harmful gases to our body when burning, but also does not irritate our skin. You put it in water and you'll find that it won't absorb moisture, thus ensuring that it won't be spoiled by rain on a rainy day. If you use this material in a building, you don't have to worry about fires. Due to its strong insulating properties, the possibility of fire spread and expansion is completely eliminated. At the same time, it is also a good insulation product, which can bring us energy-saving benefits.

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Not only that, no matter what kind of external influence, the phenolic insulation board will have deformation problems. Its structure has good stability. It also determines the needs of phenolic insulation boards in various industries. In my country, what should be paid attention to when purchasing phenolic insulating boards? Fire accidents happen every year in our country. Fires can be caused by natural or man-made disasters. However, fire accidents can also occur due to substandard insulating materials. This requires our consumers to grasp several precautions when purchasing phenolic insulation boards.

First of all, if you find that the phenolic insulation board is easy to fall off slag, or chalk up immediately after rubbing, you will find that it is soft when you press the selected product by hand. Therefore, the purchase of this product is not recommended. In addition, we must also observe the regularity of its appearance, and carefully observe or distinguish the appearance of products with poor appearance quality. By looking and touching, we must also consider whether the manufacturer of the product is official. If a regular company produces phenolic insulation boards, then its products pass the quality supervision of relevant departments, and there will be too many problems in the products produced in the future.

Phenolic insulation board is the most popular new material in the insulation market. Phenolic board can not only be used in traditional external wall thermal insulation system, but also can be composited with veneer layer to make thermal insulation and decoration integrated board, and can also be used to construct traditional EPS/XPS/PU external wall thermal insulation system fire isolation belt, which can be used as inner wall of curtain wall. fire-resistant thermal insulation materials, fire-resistant thermal insulation materials in fire doors, and fire-resistant thermal insulation materials for low temperature or high temperature occasions. From the material point of view, it is a special processing material similar to ordinary foam, which has a strong thermal insulation effect in function, and is more and more widely used in many fields. It has brought good use effect to many places.

phenolic insulation panels

Phenolic insulation board has the characteristics of light weight and stable physical properties. Phenolic board is a new type of non-combustible, fire-proof and low-smoke insulation material. It is a closed-cell rigid foam plastic made of phenolic resin with foaming agent, curing agent and other additives. Its most prominent features are non-combustibility, low smoke, and high temperature variation resistance. It overcomes the shortcomings of the original foamed plastic thermal insulation material, such as being inflammable, more smoky, and deformed by heat, and retains the characteristics of the original foamed plastic thermal insulation material, such as light weight and convenient construction. By adding phenolic insulation board to the outer wall of the building, it can be applied to the outer wall of the building. It is possible to maintain a certain constant temperature in the building, creating an "air-conditioned room" that does not require air conditioning.

In addition to good thermal insulation performance, phenolic insulation board also has good fire resistance. Now, when fires are more frequent, a good fireproof material can bring more safety and security to all of us. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire and add a layer of protection to the safety of our life and property. Phenolic insulation board occupies more and more thermal insulation and fireproof material market with its excellent performance and lower cost. It is foreseeable that it will be more widely used in the future.

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