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What are the components of the ventilation system

What are the components of the ventilation system


What are the components of the ventilation system


The main function of ventilation and air conditioning is to provide the oxygen needed for human breathing, dilute indoor pollutants or odors, remove pollutants generated by indoor processes, remove indoor waste heat or humidity, and provide air needed for indoor combustion. It is mainly used in households, commercial, hotel, school and other buildings. Now many people will consider installing a ventilation system when they are engaged in vegetable cultivation, because the ventilation system can alleviate the situation of air stagnation, so what are the components of the ventilation system? Today, the editor will analyze the composition of the ventilation system for you.

ventilation system


1. What are the components of the ventilation system?

The ventilation system is mainly composed of 7 relatively large accessories, namely air inlet, air outlet, air supply duct fan, cooling system, heating system, filter, and control system. Ventilation systems currently on the market can be divided into two categories according to the power classification of ventilation, namely natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.


2. Which industry is the ventilation system currently used in?

At present, ventilation systems are used in agricultural fields, industrial construction industries, underground spaces, and safe ventilation, such as greenhouses for growing vegetables, greenhouses for raising poultry, botanical gardens, hydropower stations, automobile manufacturing workshops, printing factories, high-speed rail, and subways.


3. What is the function of the ventilation system

(1) It can let the outdoor fresh air enter the room and discharge the indoor polluted air to the outside.

(2) Improve the indoor heat dissipation performance, and at the same time alleviate the phenomenon of relatively high indoor humidity.

(3) When the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature, the ventilation system can be used to cool down.


4. Can a mine be installed with a ventilation system?

It is also possible to install a ventilation system in a mine, but when installing a ventilation system in a mine, you must choose a suitable ventilation method, for example, you can choose three ventilation methods: extraction ventilation, press-in ventilation and mixed ventilation.

The advantage of installing a ventilation system in the mine is that it can alleviate the problem of relatively sparse air in the mine, and at the same time make the air in the mine cleaner.

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However, there are also disadvantages in installing ventilation systems in mines. The disadvantages are that there are many air shafts and the floor area is relatively large.

At present, the installation of ventilation systems for mines needs to meet the basic conditions. The first condition is to ensure that the mine has two outlets that can lead to the ground; the second condition is that the wellhead of the mine must not be polluted by dust and harmful gases; the third condition The first condition is that the mine must not be disturbed by fan noise.

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