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5 Differences between round ducts and square ducts-Part Three

5 Differences between round ducts and square ducts-Part Three


5 Differences between round ducts and square ducts-Part Three

round ducts


4. Implement quality inspection standards and acceptance specifications In order to ensure that the project reaches an excellent level, the quality inspection during construction should be in accordance with the "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering" (GB50243-2002) and professional construction atlas and the requirements of the construction party conduct.


5. Strictly carry out construction technical disclosure. Before construction, carry out construction technical disclosure according to the specific requirements of ventilation and dust removal pipelines, and implement construction points, methods and technical measures to ensure project quality to each constructor, so that project construction can be carried out smoothly in accordance with construction Organize design and development to achieve "tasks to groups, responsibilities to individuals, inspection and implementation, and clear rewards and punishments."


6. Adhere to the technical review system, do a good job of actual measurement and inspection, and check the equipment, materials, specifications, models and performances used for the installation of ventilation and dust removal pipelines, the construction quality of hidden projects, the coordinates, elevations of installation, equipment debugging, adjustment and operation, etc. To carry out technical review work, various data shall be checked and measured by project technicians, and inspection and evaluation shall be done at any time. If the requirements are not met, rework shall be carried out until they meet the requirements, so as to ensure the construction quality and make preparations for the completion acceptance.


7. Strictly implement the process management system. All construction technicians must establish the idea of "quality first" and adhere to the "self-inspection", "mutual inspection" and "process handover inspection system" of construction quality. The person in charge of the project and the technicians should carry out inspections at any time, and rework immediately if they find that they do not meet the quality standards. They should give guidance on the key parts and the processes and parts that are prone to common quality problems, and carry out quality tracking so that quality management can be implemented throughout the entire construction process. The quality management is one ring after another, and the rings are fastened to ensure that the project is excellent.


7. Adhere to linking quality management with spiritual civilization and economic interests In construction and production, we must insist on linking project quality management with the construction of spiritual civilization and economic interests of the operation group, give spiritual and material rewards to those who pay attention to quality, and pay attention to neglect or occurrence Behaviors of engineering quality should be educated with bright red and yellow cards, and even given certain economic sanctions.

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8. Improve quality evaluation and quality education During installation operations, project technicians should fill in various construction techniques, quality inspection and acceptance records and other construction documents in a timely manner. For the quality problems that arise, the project leader should organize and analyze them in a timely manner to find out the causes, solutions and preventive measures of the problems, so that all construction personnel can receive a quality education. 10. It is an important part of the whole quality management process to do a good job in the quality control of the use phase of the use disclosure work. The ultimate goal of quality management is to meet the user's requirements for the project. The project use process is the actual test process for the installation quality. After the completion of the project, the use requirements should be disclosed to the user unit to help the operators of the user unit be familiar with the characteristics of each system, make good use of the equipment, make it meet the process design requirements, and ensure the normal operation of production.

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