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What is HVAC ductwork?

What is HVAC ductwork?


What is HVAC ductwork?

The term HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) ductwork describes any ductwork and vent system used to direct and distribute air in a vehicle or structure. HVAC ductwork is used in a variety of spaces from automobiles to homes to the largest construction sites, but all systems share certain characteristics in that they provide air circulation. Duct systems can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the intended installation site and the characteristics of the HVAC system it is designed to serve. All HVAC ductwork should be properly sized, tightly sealed, and securely installed for safe and efficient operation.

A simple residential HVAC ductwork consists of ducts that carry air from a central stove throughout the home. An additional ducting system is used to return air from one or more locations in the room to the furnace after it has passed through the filtration system. Air conditioning systems and humidity control systems are often part of this loop, especially in cold or dry climates.

air vent diffuser

Large structures employ HVAC duct systems that are similar in principle but larger in scale. Large central ducts carry air throughout the building and distribute it as needed through air vent diffuser. Filtration systems in larger structures are also larger, but serve the same basic purpose. Very large structures may use zoned or floor-separated heating and cooling systems.

HVAC ductwork can be constructed of many different materials. In its most basic form, piping systems are simple galvanized metal held together with screws or fittings. Ductwork can be insulated to minimise heat transfer and prevent condensation, a particular problem when ductwork carrying very cold air needs to pass through areas of warmer, more humid air. Plumbing is also available in vinyl and hybrid, which can be beneficial since vinyl components are less prone to rust and corrosion.

Large and small HVAC ductwork should be sized to fit the space they serve. A system with insufficient capacity will put additional pressure on the blower unit that circulates the air, while an oversized system will not provide adequate airflow because the blower cannot deliver enough air through the system to reach each diffuser. All HVAC ductwork should be properly sealed to maintain pressure in the ductwork and should be securely installed to minimize noise and vibration.

HVAC duct systems

Ventilation ducts commonly used in HVAC systems

1.1 Galvanized iron air duct

At present, in the ventilation ducts of the more popular HVAC systems in our country, the phenomenon of using traditional construction procedures still exists. The air duct processed with galvanized iron sheet is only suitable for gas transportation with low humidity, because the galvanized iron sheet air duct is easy to rust and has no corrosion resistance. At the same time, it does not have the function of noise reduction and heat preservation, and it needs to add another insulation layer and protective layer, and also set up a muffler. In terms of production and installation, the cycle is long, and the service life is relatively short.

Galvanized iron air duct

1.2 Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air duct

The inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air duct based on magnesium oxychloride mainly uses glass fiber cloth as the material to undergo a certain chemical reaction with inorganic chemical raw materials to form a new type of product, which is widely used in the HVAC systems in working buildings. The size of the inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air duct should be made in strict accordance with the corresponding national standards. For products with special requirements, special processing and production can also be carried out. This kind of inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air duct has certain non-combustibility and corrosion resistance, but because of its relatively heavy quality and brittle hardness, it is more prone to breakage, deformation, and has no sound-absorbing performance, no heat preservation effect, and long installation period. Especially when it needs to be modified, the degree of loss is greater.

1.3 Composite glass fiber board air duct

The air duct is also known as the new super air duct, and the new super air duct has a huge change compared with the previous similar products. With the passage of time and the increase of successful practice cases, people gradually trust and affirm this super duct, and promote and apply it on a large scale. Super air duct is one of the most popular air ducts in recent years. Compared with inorganic glass and galvanized iron air duct, super duct not only saves space, but also prolongs the service life of air duct. The most important thing is that the investment cost of this air duct is relatively low, and it has a very high cost performance.

Composite glass fiber board air duct

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