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Air Duct Leakage Testing

Air Duct Leakage Testing


Air Duct Leakage Testing

The tightness of the air duct is an important quality indicator for the construction of ventilation and air conditioning projects. The method of testing this quality item can use light leakage detection or air leakage test.

hvac air duct

The light leakage detection of the air duct is to use the visible light to penetrate the bite of the air duct, and splicing the properties of the holes and gaps that may occur in the mouth to test the tightness of the air duct. In order to achieve the purpose of light leakage detection, the air duct must have enough light sources on the inner and outer sides, and the other side should be in a dark and no light environment. In order to visually observe the light leakage points through the holes, holes and gaps of the air duct from the light source side on the dark side. According to the length, width, diameter and quantity of the light leakage points detected by the unit bite, splicing, and the length of the interface seam, it is finally determined whether the tightness of the air duct is qualified. 

Due to light leakage detection, there must be enough light sources inside and outside the air duct, and the other side should be dark. Generally speaking, the outer side is bright, and the inner dark environment is easy to achieve. However, when visually inspecting light leakage, since it is generally impossible to enter the air duct, you can only stand at the opening port of the air duct. When the air duct is slightly long and several meters away from the port (especially the small air duct), even if there is a light leakage point , the light leakage and the non-perpendicularity of the line of sight will increase, which will be difficult to find. Therefore, the light source is arranged in the tube, which is more conducive to clear inspection.

air duct leakage testing

Since the air duct system allows a certain amount of air leakage, this is different from the liquid pipes and compressed air pipes of ordinary construction. Those pipes are hardly allowed to leak, so those pipes are only required to be filled with medium to maintain the required test pressure for a certain period of time in a sealed state, which is a static test. If the air duct system is statically tested, and the air inlet is closed after reaching the test pressure, its pressure cannot be maintained for even a second. To keep the pressure in the leaking air duct unchanged, we can only make up for the air volume missed in the system at any time, which is called a dynamic test. As long as the supplementary air volume to maintain the specific pressure of the air leak test duct is measured, the air leakage volume of the system under test is measured. In order to meet the above requirements, it is necessary to resort to a special air duct air leakage meter or air leakage test device.

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