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The advantages of the Pre-insulated duct system

The advantages of the Pre-insulated duct system


The advantages of the Pre-insulated duct system

The expanding HVAC industry has led to the invention of many kinds of new duct systems. Pre –insulated ducts have made it possible for people to enjoy the comfort of the thermal system. The pre-insulated duct system has greatly improve the indoor air quality. Pre-insulated duct system operates on a single installation. That means the cost is a bit cheaper as compared to the other thermal systems. This also saves on the time spent during the installation. Pre-insulated duct systems often use PIR/PU panels, which are classified as an ecological material and environmentally friendly solution in the American certification program for commercial buildings. There are many advantages of the pre-insulated duct systems.

pre insulated duct system

1. Saving space

The pre-insulated duct system is space saving by virtue of teh elimination of space for the lagging operation above the duct. The duct can be installed flush to the ceiling, which can save 150-200mm of valuable space above the ceiling. The pre-insulated duct material allows it to be installed easily against the structural elements. This helps in saving the building space. The available floor space can, therefore, be used for other purposes.

2. Improved thermal efficiency

The thermal conductivity of pre-insulated duct system is between 0.018W/mK-0.025W/mK, which allows the thinnest possible insulation to achieve the required thermal performance. It is energy efficient and helps in reducing the energy costs significantly.

3. Saving installation cost

The pre-insulated ducts are light in weight. Their weight is fifty percent that of the insulation material, therefore, be installed and transported easily. Low weight means that they also require less manpower in carrying them and installing them. Only need two technicians to do the installation process. In conclusion, the installation cost of pre-insulated duct system can be up to 10% cheaper than sheet metal ducting.

4. Energy saving

The pre-insulated duct system can yield electrical consumption savings of up to 20%. It provides the optimum energy saving and environmental solution.

5. Smoke and fire proof

Pre-insulated duct panels are fire resistant. They cannot emit any smoke in case they are accidentally heated by a source of flame. The duct materiala are also heat resistant, and can withstand a temperature of 800 degrees centigrade. The material is not affected by the growth of fungus.

      PIR/PU duct panel cutting machine

Traditional way of PIR/PU duct fabrication includes tracing, cutting, gluing, folding, taping, flanging & reinforcement and sealing. Tracing, and cutting takes most of the time. Sometimes a pre-insulated duct project takes months to finish. But with the help of a PIR/PU duct panel cutting machine, the PIR/PU duct fabrication efficiency has been improved greatly. PIR/PU duct panel cutting machine is commonly used in the pre-insulated PIR/PU duct fabrication process these days. PIR/PU duct panel cutting machine is a fully automatic and ECO Fast CNC machine. PIR/PU duct panel cutting machine cuts straight and special parts from insulation panels, used in the fabrication of pre-insulated HVAC ductwork and duct & pipe insulation. PIR/PU duct panel cutting machine is equipped with advanced automatic computing capabilities and automation technologies eliminate the traditional labor-intensive work required to produce air duct panels, and no longer need to manually mark, create templates, or use Hand-held tool for cutting. If youre a HVAC engineering and contracting company, looking for the best way to improve your projects, PIR/PU duct panel cutting machine is definitely your best choice.

duct panel cutting machine

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