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Installation and connection of metal air ducts

Installation and connection of metal air ducts


Installation and connection of metal air ducts

The installation of metal air ducts is consist of several parts: hangers, ducts, and valves.

Installation of hangers

1. The installation of the support and hanger shall be symmetrically installed according to the center line of the air duct, the hanger shall be fixed safely and reliably, and the welded part shall be painted.

2. When installing the riser pipe clamp, the top pipe clamp should be fixed first, from top to bottom.

3. The air duct is long. When installing the brackets in a row, install the two ends first. Take the brackets at both ends as the benchmark, and install the brackets in the middle by the pulling method.

4. Horizontal installation Long side ≤ 400 mm, spacing ≤ 4 meters; long side > 400 mm, spacing ≤ 3 meters; the support and hanger of the spiral duct are 5 meters and 3.75 meters respectively.

5. If the length of the main and dry air ductsexceeds 20 meters, there should be fixed points to prevent swinging, and it should not be less than one in each system. When the air duct is installed vertically, the distance between the supports and hangers is ≤4 meters, and a single root has at least two fixed points.

6. The support and hanger shall not be set at the tuyere, valve, inspection door and automatic control mechanism, and the distance from the tuyere shall be greater than 200 mm.

7. The angle of the hoop bracket should be straight, the arc of the circular air duct should be uniform, and the hoop should be close to and hold the air duct.

8. The support and hanger of the thermal insulation duct should be placed outside the thermal insulation layer. The thermal insulation duct should not be in direct contact with the support and hanger. It should be padded with strong thermal insulation and anti-corrosion materials, and its thermal insulation thickness is the same as that of the thermal insulation layer to prevent "cold bridges".

Connection of air ducts

1. The flange gasket material is made of airtight and elastic materials. The flange gasket should minimize the number of joints. The joint form should be stepped, and the joint should be coated with sealant.

2. When the flange is connected, first pad the gasket, then align the two flanges first, put on a few bolts and tighten the nut without tightening, and then use a sharp punch to insert it into the unbolted screw hole, Pry the two screw holes until all the bolts are in, then tighten the bolts. When tightening the bolts, tighten them gradually and evenly.

3. After the air duct is connected, check whether the air duct connection is straight based on the flanges at both ends.

4. The bolts connecting the stainless steel air duct flanges should be made of stainless steel of the same material, and the ordinary type should be sprayed with paint.

5. Galvanized bolts are used for the connection of aluminum plate air ducts, and galvanized washers are placed on both sides of the flange.

6. For non-metallic air duct flange connection, the end faces of the two flanges should be parallel and tight, and galvanized washers should be added on both sides of the flange bolts.

7. When the composite material air duct is flanged, there should be measures to prevent cold "cold bridge", the bolts connecting the flanges should be tightened evenly, and the nuts should be on the same side.

hvac duct connection

Installation of air ducts

1. Technical requirements, the level of surface installation should be ≤3mm per meter, and the total deviation should be ≤20mm; the verticality should be ≤2mm per meter, and the total deviation should be ≤20mm; concealed installation, the position should be correct, and there should be no obvious deviation.

2. Installation sequence: dry pipe first and then branch pipe, installation method: determined according to the actual situation.

It can be connected to a certain length on the ground, and then hoisted as a whole. Generally, it can be extended to about 10-12 meters. Use an inverted chain or a lift to hoist the air duct to the bracket (heavier air duct), or you can lift the air duct to the support. The tubes are placed on the bracket section by section and connected section by section.

3. When the air duct passes through the fire-proof and explosion-proof wall or floor that needs to be closed, a pre-buried pipe or protective casing should be installed, and the thickness of the steel plate should not be less than 1.6mm. Non-hazardous flexible material closure.

4. The joints of composite air ducts should be firm and free of holes and cracks. After the installation of the air duct system, the tightness inspection should be carried out according to the system category.

Installation of air valves

1. Before installing the air valve, check whether the frame structure is firm, and whether the adjustment braking, positioning and other devices are accurate and flexible.

2. The installation of the air valve is the same as the installation of the air duct. Align its flange with the flange of the air duct or equipment, add sealing gaskets, and tighten the bolts to make it firmly and tightly connected with the air duct or equipment.

3. When installing the air valve, the operating device of the valve should be easy to operate manually, and its installation direction should be consistent with the direction marked on the valve shell.

4. The installed air valve should have obvious and accurate opening direction and opening degree signs on the valve shell. The fusible part of the fire damper should be installed on the windward side of the air duct, and its melting point temperature should meet the design requirements.

In nowadays air duct market, GI ducts(galvanized iron ducts) is still holding the large proportion, yet PI ducts(pre insulated ducts) is also generalizing worldwide very fast. Intelligent duct machinery can be an outstanding edge of your team, for which you can always rely on VENTECH.

installation of air ducts

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