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How does a CNC router work for pre-insulated duct panels?

How does a CNC router work for pre-insulated duct panels?


How does a CNC router work for pre-insulated duct panels?

CNC routers normally have 4 major parts, controller, cutting bed, spindle, drive system. The controller is the brain of the CNC router, it sends signals to the arms and tells them which direction to move the spindle. The spindle is the part which does all the cutting. The drive system is the arm, connecting the spindles and allowing it to move in different directions. The cutting bed is used to hold the materials and make them stable during cutting. An automatic pre insulated duct cutting machine has similar structure, but functions are different.

CNC router

Most of the CNC routers in the market have 3-Axis, unlike an automatic pre insulated duct cutting machine. It allows the spindle to move and cut along the X,Y,Z directions. X -axis can go front and back, Y-axis can go left and right, Z-axis goes up and down. 3-Axis machines can carve the complex shapes much more accurately and quickly.

Does a 3-Axis machine works well on Pre-insulated duct panels?

As we know, CNC routers are used to cut materials like leathers, cardboards ect. These materials are flat and not so thick. So 3-Axis might be able to do the cutting. But PIR PU and Phenolic duct panels often come with thickness of 30 to 50mm. Comparing to an automatic pre insulated duct cutting machine, it seems that the CNC routers are not so functional as an automatic pre insulated duct cutting machine.

Sometimes you need to cut a 45°angleon the edge in order to glue 2 parts together. So you need a machine with more than 3 Axis to Perform.   


Pre-insulated duct panels


Ventech took this into consideration and make the machine with 5 Axis.

5-Axis CNC cutting machine

X Axis--refers to front and back cutting

Y Axis--refers to left and right cutting

Z Axis--refers to up and down cutting

C Axis--refers to rotary cutting

B Axis--refers to V cutting (0°-45°)

With our special designed rotary knife, you can cut any angles on one duct panel without changing knives during cutting. This greatly improves cutting efficiency.


My dear friends, if you have limited budgets and just want to purchase a machine from China that can do some simple cutting. A CNC router might good for you. But you ignore the dust and noise and the fact that they can’t do complex 3D cutting.

A CNC machine specialized in cutting pre-insulated duct panels.

If you have enough budget, we suggest you to purchase a machine that is used to cut pre-insulated duct panels specifically. An automatic pre insulated duct cutting machine is definitely your first choice.

For one, the special designed knives of automatic pre insulated duct cutting machines are suitable to cut PIR/PU Phenolic duct panels. Meanwhile, the automatic pre insulated duct cutting machine has a rotary knife which rotates 360°horizontally, 0-45°vertically to cut any angles. Last but not least, automatic pre insulated duct cutting machine has 5-Axis for you to cut any shapes easily.

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