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Terminal equipment selection

Terminal equipment selection


Terminal equipment selection

1. How to choose a fan coil unit?

The fan coil unit has two main parameters: cooling (heat) volume and air supply volume, so there are two ways to choose: 1. According to the room circulation air volume: room area, floor height (behind the ceiling) and room ventilation times The product of the three is the circulating air volume of the room. The model of the fan coil unit can be determined by using the circulating air volume corresponding to the high and medium speed air volume of the fan coil unit. 2. Selection according to the cooling load required by the room: According to the unit area load and room area, the required cooling load value of the room can be obtained, and the fan coil model can be determined by using the cooling capacity of the fan coil corresponding to the room cooling load.

2. How to install the fan coil unit?

After the model is determined, it is necessary to determine the installation method of the fan coil unit (surface installation or concealed installation), the air supply and return method (bottom-to-bottom return, side-to-bottom return, etc.) and the connection position of the water pipe according to the building structure and the actual needs of Party A. (left or right) etc.

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3. How to divide the left and right forms of air-conditioning equipment?

★Fan coil unit - right forms: facing the air supply port, the fan coil unit for the water inlet and outlet are on the right side, and the left type on the contrary.

★Ceiling type air conditioner - right forms: facing the air return port, the water inlet and outlet of the unit are on the right side, and the left type on the contrary.

★Cabinet type air conditioner - right forms: facing the air return port, the water inlet and outlet of the unit are on the right side, and the left type on the contrary.

★Combination type air conditioner - right forms: facing the combination air conditioner, the water inlet and outlet of the return air are on the right side, and the left type on the contrary.


4. Fan Coil Model Estimation

For general residential and office buildings, if the room area is less than 10CBM, choose FP-35, choose FP-51 for about 15CBM, choose FP-68 for about 20CBM, choose FP-85 for about 25CBM, and choose FP-102 for 30CBM, FP-136 for about 40CBM, FP-170 for about 50CBM, FP-204 for about 60CBM. When the room area is large, the use of multiple fan coil units should be considered. When the load per unit area of the room is large, and the noise requirements are not high, the use of fan coil units with large air volume and cooling capacity can be considered.


5. Selection of Air Conditioning Units

The air handling unit is mainly used to treat indoor air and supply fresh air. Generally, there are two working states: return air condition and fresh air condition.

The selection of air handling units is generally determined by three main parameters: air volume, number of tubes of surface cooler and residual pressure outside the unit.

First determine the model of the air handling unit according to the air volume required by the system, and then determine the number of pipes according to the cooling capacity that needs to be provided, and determine the residual pressure according to the residual pressure required by the system.

There are generally two types of air handling units: ceiling type and floor type. Floor type includes vertical type and horizontal type. In addition, the way the unit sends and returns the air is also different. The final determination is to be made according to the construction situation and the requirements of the building owner.

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