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Do you know that your competitors are already using machine for ductwork?

Do you know that your competitors are already using machine for ductwork?


Do you know that your competitors are already using machine for ductwork?

Are you still cutting air ducts by hand tools? Do you agree it is time-consuming, costy on labour, material wasting? Do you know that your competitors are already using air duct cutting machine and be way ahead of you?

Pre-insulated duct has been used in the HVAC field for more than 20 years, and it is on the edge these few years. With a lot of advantage compared to traditional galvanized iron duct, PI duct has become a new favorite in the industry. PI duct is light-weight, damp-proof, easy to install and maintain, thermal effect self-contained. More and more contractors are choosing PI duct over GI duct in their ventilation projects.

At first, people use hand cutting tools to manufacture Pre-insulated duct, which cost a lot of time. Expert engineers, numerous cutting and assembly workers and time is needed to complete the whole production of PI duct. It requires less equipment than GI duct fabrication does, but still quite slow. But in recent years, CNC cutting machine designed for PI duct is born. Which totally brings the whole ducting production into a new era.

As a pioneer in HVAC field, our team noticed the great need of CNC machine for pre-insulated duct fabrication, we managed to design and continuously upgrade this great machine. It is a machine with most complete function for PI duct fabrication and a best help for large production.

duct fabrication machine

With more and more clients placing orders with us, our brand and the machine also become famous in the world market. Our machine got appreciated by customers from American continents, European, Middle East, Southeast Asia, West Africa, etc. All the orders and good feedback from our customers show that we are doing the right thing.

Only in the past 9 months, our machines have been sold to Turks and Caicos Islands, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Belgium, Anguilla, Malta, Kuwait, etc., among which a few customers are from the same area. As we know a lot of companies and groups are in serious competition especially in Middle East, South East Asia and West Africa. Some of the groups in your area might have bought a machine long ago, some might just placed an order.

It is a cruel fact that groups with machine will run ahead of groups without. Our machine can do all the jobs for from expert engineers designing the shapes to workers spending a lot of time cutting them out. A mature system will save you a lot of tough work during the whole production. The only thing left is to assemble the workpieces. It is a one time investment for machine. It may seem expensive at a glimpse, but think about all the cost on time, raw materials and labour it will save for you in the long term.

We believe if you have a machine, the competition from a same start can be more equivalent and it is also a great honor to see our customers using a good machine and to conquer the local market. Don’t hesitate to reach out and check more about the pre insulated duct cutting machine with VENTECH team for a high purpose of your air conditioning projects.

duct fabrication

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