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Performance characteristics of ventilation ducts in HVAC systems

Performance characteristics of ventilation ducts in HVAC systems


Performance characteristics of ventilation ducts in HVAC systems

With the continuous improvement of our country's economic level, people's living standards are also rising year by year. At the same time, the status of our country's ventilation and air-conditioning projects in our country's construction industry is gradually increasing. The types of air conditioners have become diverse and their functions have become more diverse. In the selection of air-conditioning materials, materials with light weight, energy saving, noise reduction, and good fire resistance are usually selected as the leading materials for ventilation ducts. Due to the different requirements for ventilation ducts in building HVAC system engineering, ventilation ducts of various materials emerge in an endless stream, and gradually develop and progress in their corresponding projects. With the continuous development and progress of our country's science, various new technologies and new materials have emerged, so as to continuously manufacture new materials that are more in line with the requirements of our country's HVAC system.

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1. Fire performance

The main material of the super duct with fire resistance is glass fiber wool board, which has a certain degree of non-combustibility. In the manufacturing method of the super air duct, the glass fiber cloth and the aluminum foil cloth are respectively compounded on both sides of the non-combustible glass fiber wool board to make the fiberglass duct and aluminum foil duct. The air duct made of this material and process is non-combustible and has good fire resistance. Although inorganic glass and galvanized iron air ducts are both non-combustible materials, the thermal insulation material in the air ducts made of this material may not be incombustible. Therefore, the air duct products made of this product are not stable and cannot be is widely used.

2. Noise reduction performance

The material of the super duct with noise reduction performance is a porous sound-absorbing material, which has a good sound absorption effect on sounds of various frequencies. This super duct is a powerful tubular muffler. The noise generated by the operation of the air-conditioning equipment has a good muffler effect, and the effect is particularly obvious with the length of the pipeline, and the muffler can be omitted. However, the inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic air duct and the galvanized iron air duct need to add a muffler, and these two kinds of air ducts do not have sound-absorbing performance.

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3. Moisture resistance

The outer surface of the super duct is made of aluminum cloth, which has super anti-corrosion properties. At the same time, there are no materials and components that are perishable and susceptible to moisture in the air duct. Because the air duct has been in a relatively humid environment for a long time, the glass fiber board material is used, because the water absorption rate of the material is less than 2% and the porous material can fully prevent the water from being soaked for a long time. will not be changed.

Because the galvanized iron sheet is easy to rust and get damp, it will be seriously damaged when transmitting relatively humid air-conditioning air, especially the corrosion degree at the bite of the iron sheet will be more serious, and it is not easy to handle, thus reducing the overall air conditioning. service life of the system.

4. Air leakage

While regulating the air duct, the relationship between the air leakage of the air duct and the length of the duct and the degree of air tightness should also be considered, and it should be calculated in accordance with the relevant air volume percentage. For the production process of the super duct, it is mainly grooved, tenoned, and finally connected by gluing, and finally sealed with aluminum foil tape, so as to reduce the air leakage.

5. Construction and installation

In terms of construction and installation, the quality of galvanized iron air ducts is relatively heavy, and the production and installation cycle is relatively long. When the direction needs to be changed, the modification process is cumbersome. Moreover, a large space should be reserved around it as the installation and operation space of the holding layer, which leads to an unsightly appearance of the HVAC system, and the increase of the muffler increases the difficulty and cost of installation. The composite wave fiberboard air duct is relatively light in weight, easy to install, and has the effect of heat preservation and noise reduction at the same time. If it needs to be modified, it can be changed reasonably according to the conditions of the site. Its exterior can be painted with colorful paints according to its own preferences, so as to achieve the effect of harmony and unity with the surrounding environment. Because it has the characteristics of fast installation and light weight, it is more in line with the development trend of our country's modern HVAC system, and is more suitable for our country's modern high-rise buildings. Because the super duct is not a rigid material, it should be stored in accordance with the relevant requirements during the construction process, and the relevant staff must abide by the relevant national standards for construction during construction to avoid losses.

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