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Introduction of Clean Air Conditioner

Introduction of Clean Air Conditioner


Introduction of Clean Air Conditioner

1. Basic Concept of Clean Air Conditioning

Clean air conditioning is a kind of air conditioning engineering. It not only has certain requirements on the temperature, humidity and wind speed of the indoor air, but also has higher requirements on the number of dust particles in the air and the concentration of bacteria. The corresponding technology is called air cleaning technology. A space with better airtightness that controls parameters such as air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, pressure, and noise as needed is called a clean room. 

Common clean rooms are:

The food industry: Commercial kitchens with many stainless steel surfaces that are corrosion resistant, and regularly sanitised are needed in a food industry clean room


The pharmaceutical industry: Manufacturing intricate and safe components are crucial for the high standards needed in the aerospace industry. Clean rooms play a very important role in this, and even the minimal contamination can cause the equipment to fail, which would cause to financial loss and catastrophic on aircraft.


The Pharmaceutical industry: This industry has very strict requirement in clean rooms that are uncontaminated and easy to keep to the right conditions. The industry has a crucial role in the health of the public. A clean room that fails in this sector, can compromise human health.

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2. The difference between clean air conditioner and general air conditioner

2.1 Main parameter control

General air conditioners focus on the control of temperature, humidity and air freshness. In addition to this, clean air conditioners also require control of indoor air dust content, wind speed, ventilation times, etc.

2.2 Air Filtration Measures

General air conditioners only have coarse-efficiency filtration one-stage filtration, while those with higher requirements have coarse- and medium-efficiency two-stage filtration. Clean air conditioners require coarse, medium and high-efficiency three-stage filtration. In some clean rooms, they are also equipped with toxin adsorption filtration.

2.3 Indoor pressure requirements

General air conditioners have no special requirements for indoor air, while clean air conditioners have different requirements for the positive pressure value of different clean areas in order to avoid the infiltration of external polluted air or the mutual influence of different substances in different production workshops. There are still negative pressure control requirements in the negative pressure clean room.

2.4 Requirements for the selection of materials and equipment for clean air-conditioning systems

The selection of materials and equipment for the clean air-conditioning system, the processing technology, the processing and installation environment, and the storage environment of equipment components all have special requirements in order to avoid being polluted by the outside world, which are not available in general air-conditioning systems.

2.5 Requirements for system air tightness

Although general air-conditioning systems have requirements on system air tightness and air leakage, the requirements for clean air-conditioning systems are higher, and their detection methods and standards for each process have strict measures and test requirements.

2.6 Requirements for construction and other professions

General air-conditioned rooms have requirements on building layout, thermal engineering, etc., but do not pay much attention to material selection and air tightness requirements. In addition to the general building appearance and other requirements, the clean air conditioner also has strict requirements for dust prevention, dust prevention and leakage prevention.

Clean Air Conditioner

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