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Do you know more about the Pre-insulated duct?

Do you know more about the Pre-insulated duct?


Do you know more about the Pre-insulated duct?

Manufacture of Pre-insulated ducts

Compared with other traditional methods (such as CAPS method), this method has obvious advantages:

More accurate.

Strength and quality.

Reduce load loss.

Better completion.

Reduce waste

The CLIMAVER duct This company is the main representative and distributor of the international Pre-insulated duct market. This panel has a unique housing with marked guidelines, which helps cut and eliminates the risk of drawing errors.

The manufacturing of different shapes and linear segments of the duct network starts with drawing different parts on the panel, and then cutting and assembling by using a small number of light tools that are easy to operate.

Cutting: CLIMAVER tool makes grooves in the form of "half wood", bends the panel at an angle of 90 °, and when you use the tool to cut, they will pull out the cut.

A reference is marked on the panel, which is used to place the guide ruler of the support bracket. After cutting the coating with a double-edged knife or other operations (such as cleaning the valve), it is cut with the moving of the tool.

pre insulated duct

Maintenance methods for Fiberglass Duct

-Contact suction: It is carried out through the opening in the duct, with the minimum risk of damage to the surface. The head of the vacuum cleaner enters the duct through the opening closest to the start. Then the machine starts. Inhalation will continue the process of airflow, collecting all dirt.

-Pressure air cleaning: the vacuum cleaner is connected at the opening of the duct and is located at an end point downstream of the duct. It is recommended that the insulation area of the cleaned duct line circuit have a static pressure of at least 25 mm. c.a. to ensure the correct transportation of separated materials. Compressed air is introduced into the duct through a hose provided by a "jumper" nozzle at one end. The nozzle is designed to allow compressed air to flow along the inside of the duct. In this way, the waste is discharged, and the waste floating in the air is dragged downstream from the duct and removed from the duct under the action of a vacuum cleaner.

The compressed air source must be able to generate between 11kg/m2 and 13.5kg/m2, and there must be a 70L collection bucket. The air washing method is effective.

The invention relates to an air purification method with brush pressure: in an air purification system, a dust suction device is connected to the extreme end of the downstream duct line through an opening. To remove dust and dust particles that are then suspended in the air, use an electric or pneumatic rotary brush. The dust particles are sucked in through the internal duct along the direction of air flow, and then discharged by the vacuum cleaner.

Mechanical planing usually requires a larger channel opening than the previous method, but requires fewer openings. The mechanical brush can reach 7m in both directions of the opening.

Harm and Prevention of GlassFiber Duct

Impact on health

The use of glass fibers in the form of fibers or powders may irritate the eyes, nose, throat and skin. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has listed glass wool as a possible carcinogen for human beings.

Protection and precautions

The employer must establish safe working procedures (ventilation, excavation, etc.) to minimize the risks.

However, in the closed or narrow space where these products are usually installed, the fiber content in the environment is usually high and difficult to control. In this case, workers should be provided with personal protective equipment: appropriate masks, work clothes and gloves.

The same precautions should be taken in the cutting and sanding of fiberglass filament products.

Harm and Prevention of GlassFiber Duct

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