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Problem Analysis of HVAC Installation and Construction

Problem Analysis of HVAC Installation and Construction


Problem Analysis of HVAC Installation and Construction

With the development of the times, traditional building decoration no longer meets people's needs. In construction projects, the installation of HVAC has become an important measure for current building warmth and ventilation. In order to ensure the correct installation of HVAC, construction enterprises should pay attention to the training of the technical level and improves the safety awareness of the construction personnel, so that the installation of HVAC can be carried out strictly according to the relevant procedures. At present, some domestic construction units do not have a firm grasp of the installation technology of HVAC, which is easy to leave hidden safety hazards during construction, which not only affects the normal operation of HVAC, but also affects the quality of life of residents. Nowadays, the common problems of HVAC installation and construction are as follows:

1. Improper piping design

In the installation and construction of HVAC, due to the lack of reservation of equipment positions during the design of some necessary pipeline lines, or other reasons, unreasonable intersection of pipeline lines and equipment occurs, which is mainly due to the technical level of designers. Limited and lack of control over the positioning of pipes and equipment.

new construction hvac

2. Poor noise reduction of the HVAC equipment

After the installation of HVAC, due to improper handling of related problems, the phenomenon of excessive noise occurs, which is a common problem in the installation and construction of HVAC in our country. This also leads to excessive noise pollution when the equipment is running, and when the equipment is turned off, the indoor living is uncomfortable, resulting in a decline in the quality of life of residents.

hvac noise reduction

3. Common faults of air conditioning water circulation system

In HVAC, there are multiple systems that cooperate with each other, among which the water circulation system is an important part. Once the water circulation system fails, it will reduce the use effect of the entire HVAC. The management blockage of the chilled water circulation system is the most common problem in the HVAC water system. The reason for this phenomenon is that the pipeline lines and equipment in the system are seriously crossed. Due to the intersection, the pipe network is oppressed, and the residual air in the pipe network forms air pockets, which seriously affects the water circulation effect, and also makes it difficult to implement pipe cleaning, and then the HVAC cannot work normally.

hvac chilled water system

4. Condensation dripping on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

During the operation of the HVAC, due to a series of conversion effects, the air conditioner has the problem of condensation and dripping water. The main reason for this phenomenon is due to the unreasonable operation of the construction personnel during installation and the poor insulation effect of the chassis. In addition, when the HVAC is installed, the gaps in the equipment are not properly handled, resulting in poor equipment integrity and loose connections, which will also lead to condensation and dripping. However, if the construction personnel lack a sense of responsibility during the construction, do not fully invest in the installation, have low safety awareness, and do not operate in accordance with the HVAC construction process and technical specifications, it will also lead to serious dew condensation and dripping after the HVAC is put into operation.

hvac leaking water 

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