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Why we choose Pre-insulated duct

Why we choose Pre-insulated duct


Why we choose Pre-insulated duct

The panel duct or pre-insulated aluminum duct has been on the world market for almost fifty years, but until recently the construction of rigid ducts for air conditioning was mainly directed to fiberglass and galvanized iron sheet. commonly called HG, it can be said that in the last decade the pre-insulated aluminum duct has replaced almost one hundred percent of these materials and in this article we will see why.

Pre-insulated duct

The panel duct has a core of rigid polyisocy aurate foam (expanded polyurethane) with a thickness between 20mm and 40mm, covered on both sides with a sheet of stamped or embossed aluminum between 0.06mm (60 microns) and 0.20mm (200 microns). ) and are mainly used in the manufacture of ducts for air conditioning and/or industrial ventilation systems with characteristics of low and medium static pressure.

The panel duct (1.1 kg/m2) is up to 60% lighter than fiberglass (1.8 kg/m2) and up to 400% lighter than a 24-gauge HG sheet (4.8 kg/m2). 

The embossed aluminum coating prevents air from coming into contact with the internal insulation, preventing the release of particulate material and the absorption of moisture, which happens with fiberglass.

Aluminum prevents the accumulation of dust particles and others, maintaining hygiene in the air, anticipating people's health and preventing bacterial and microbial proliferation, ensuring indoor air quality.

Due to the low density of the rigid foam, approximately 35 Kg/m3, it has excellent thermal properties, preventing heat transmission, as well as its high degree of pneumatic tightness, 8 times greater than that of traditional ducts, and there is no possibility of gas leaks. air or thermal bridges, avoiding condensation along the length and width of the duct, all this translates into a reduction in energy consumption by up to 25%.

It is a CFC and HCFC free product, the materials and waste produced during the manufacturing process are inert waste, aluminum is a non-heavy metal) and a thermosetting plastic.

The panel duct is economical, easy to transport, manufacture and install, requires little investment in high-productivity and easy-to-use manual tools, one of its greatest advantages, unlike other materials, is that, for the development of more specialized work , there is a whole series of accessories, showing that it is not just one more material, but an all-in-one system.

The panel duct is highly safe against fire because it is non-flammable, it has innumerable certifications in this regard; Unlike fiberglass, although it is not flammable either, the compounds and solvents with which the sheet is manufactured, if they are, in addition, the smoke emitted is toxic.

The panel duct can be installed indoors or outdoors in urban and industrial centers, residences, hospitals, offices, cinemas, theaters, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, food or pharmaceutical industries, or in any other type of installation.

In conclusion, the benefits of the panel duct are:

*Easy to design, quote, fabricate and install

*Facilities are always well proportioned and pleasing to the eye

*Can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors

*It is a very safe material, it is risk-free

*Energy Saving

*hygienic and healthy,

*Silent operation

*Low maintenance


pre insulated duct system

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