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Analysis of Several Common Composite Air Duct Insulation Materials

Analysis of Several Common Composite Air Duct Insulation Materials


Analysis of Several Common Composite Air Duct Insulation Materials

The composite air duct is made of a variety of mixed materials, including phenolic, glass magnesium and other air ducts. Composite air duct is a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving air ducts that replace iron sheet air ducts and glass fiber air ducts. The composite air duct product is made of two layers of high-strength inorganic materials and one layer of thermal insulation material as the base material, and adopts adhesive technology and special structural combination and connection. The plate is produced by mechanization, the surface is smooth and flat, which improves the efficiency of air conveying, and the air leakage rate is only 10% of the iron sheet air duct. No matter in the duct production, duct fabrication, duct installation, or in the process of use, no substances harmful to the environment are produced, no rust, no mold, no dust accumulation, no dust and fibers from glass fiber ducts, no peculiar smell; low thermal conductivity , Excellent thermal insulation performance; good sound insulation and sound absorption performance, no noise generated when the iron duct shrinks and expands.

composite air duct


Below we make a simple analysis of several common composite air duct insulation materials on the market:

1. Fiber fabric composite air duct

This type of air duct is sometimes called a bag composite air duct, a fiber fabric air distributor, etc. It is a relatively new type of composite air duct. It is mainly an end system for uniform air supply by means of fiber penetration and a special air outlet method of orifice jet. Its characteristics are that the air volume is relatively large and the product is relatively light. Basically, the roof load problem can be ignored. The system will not make a lot of noise when it runs, which is very helpful to the improvement of the environment. It is very convenient and flexible, and it is a composite air duct with high cost performance.

Fiber fabric composite air duct

2. Galvanized sheet steel composite air duct

This type is a relatively traditional composite air duct. It is made of galvanized sheet steel and is more suitable for transporting some relatively dry gases. This type of air duct is prone to rust and has no thermal insulation effect. The effect of noise reduction takes a long time to make and install.

3. Composite fiberglass board composite air duct

This kind of air duct has only been used in recent years. Its base material is mainly centrifugal glass fiber board. There will be glass fiber cloth inside the air duct, and aluminum foil cloth with moisture-proof effect on the outside. After that, it is processed by cutting, grooving, bonding and reinforcement, etc., and then the most appropriate reinforcement method is adopted according to the size of the cross-section of the composite air duct and the wind pressure.

Composite fiberglass board composite air duct

4. Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic composite air duct

This type of composite air duct is also a relatively new type. It is made of glass fiber reinforced inorganic materials. It will not catch fire when it encounters fire. It has excellent corrosion resistance, but it is prone to brittle cracking. The function of sound is relatively long in production.

Each composite air duct insulation material has its own characteristics and some shortcomings. When installing a ventilation duct project, it is necessary to choose the most economical and suitable product according to the environment of the enterprise.


Definition of Phenolic composite air duct:

Phenolic resin is the earliest industrialized plastic product in the world, and phenolic foam is a newly developed variety. Phenolic foam is known as the "king of heat preservation". It was used in the heat preservation of missiles and rocket heads in the early days. It has become the fastest growing variety in plastics in some developed countries such as the United States, Britain and Japan. Phenolic foam material has good flame retardant performance, small thermal conductivity, excellent sound absorption performance and long service life. Due to the above superior characteristics of phenolic foam materials, it has been widely used in all aspects of the national economy, such as central air-conditioning ducts, hot and cold transportation pipelines, clean workshops, shopping malls, light-weight fast-packing rooms, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, airplanes, Ships, hotels and entertainment boxes, etc. need to use fireproof, lightweight, thermal insulation, sound insulation, clean and moisture-proof materials.

The phenolic foam board is compounded with aluminum foil to make a sandwich panel, and then special flange fittings are added to make the phenolic compound air duct used for central air conditioning ventilation. The inner and outer surfaces of the phenolic composite sandwich panel are coated aluminum foil, and the middle layer is phenolic foam material. All of them have been greatly improved, and basically meet the requirements for the use of air-conditioning ventilation pipes.

phenolic foam board




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