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Precautions for Outdoor Air Duct Installation

Precautions for Outdoor Air Duct Installation


Precautions for Outdoor Air Duct Installation 

1. The internal sundries were not removed before the air duct was installed

The internal and external sundries should be removed before the air duct is installed, and the cleaning and finished products should be done well. After construction, the pipe opening should be blocked in time. If the sundries are not removed, the system resistance will increase, and in severe cases, the filter screen and pipes will be blocked.

Outdoor Air Duct Installation

2. After the air duct system is installed, the light leakage and air leakage inspection and test are not carried out according to the regulations

The measurement of light leakage or air leakage is an inspection measure for the construction quality of ventilation and air conditioning, which must be inspected in strict accordance with the requirements and specifications. If the air duct system is not inspected and tested for light leakage and air leakage according to the regulations after installation, it may cause a large amount of air leakage in the system, causing The entire system and project engineering cannot meet the usage requirements, increasing unnecessary rework and waste, and wasting energy at the same time.

3. The installation position of the air valve is not convenient for operation and maintenance

All kinds of air valves should be installed in places that are convenient for operation and maintenance, and inspection ports should be set in the suspended ceiling or in the shaft.

4. The distance between air pipe support and hanger is too large

If the distance between the air duct supports and hangers is too large, it will cause the deformation of the air duct and affect the sensory effect; if the expansion bolts are not used properly, the weight of the air duct will exceed the bearing capacity of the hanging point and even cause the air duct to fall, causing construction safety hazards.

5. When the air duct system adopts combined flange connection, the interface leaks air

If the air leakage at the interface does not meet the quality standards, the air volume loss of the entire system will be too large, unable to meet the air volume requirements, and cause serious waste of energy.

6. There are no embedded parts at the connection between the brick structure air duct and the metal air duct, or the sealing gap is too large or the connection is not tight

The connection interface between the air duct and the brick and concrete air duct should be inserted along the airflow direction, and sealing measures should be taken. The place where the air duct passes out of the roof should be equipped with a rainproof device; Set up embedded parts at the connection with the metal air duct, or require the civil engineering unit to cooperate with blocking to ensure a tight connection.

7. The flexible short pipe and rectangular short pipe are distorted during installation

Twisted short tubes are likely to cause quality problems and affect the appearance, so special attention should be paid during installation.

8. The flexible short pipe of the smoke prevention and exhaust system is made of flammable materials

The material for the flexible short pipe of the smoke prevention and exhaust system must be non-combustible, and flexible materials that are anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, air-tight, and not easy to mildew should be selected. For the air conditioning system, measures to prevent condensation should be taken; for the air conditioning purification system, the inner wall should be smooth and not easy to generate dust.

9. The air duct system is not equipped with anti-sway brackets

When installing ventilation ducts in the laboratory, when the length of the main and dry air ducts suspended horizontally exceeds 20m, a fixed point to prevent swinging should be set, and each system should not be less than 1. If not set, the system will run Generate air duct movement and vibration.

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