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What we should consider before setting up a new diffuser factory?

What we should consider before setting up a new diffuser factory?


What we should consider before setting up a new diffuser factory?

VENTECH as Consultant of Air Grille Diffuser Production Solution, we are not only machine supplier, we can also share how to produce air grille and diffuser. Even more, we share how to do it better.

Based on more than 15 years production experience, we have top advanced production technics. We try many ways to optimize the production process, and maximize the product output, to let our investors earn more time and money!

As we know, air grille and diffuser share a very good sales market in many counties. A lot of traders and distributors are willing to set up a factory, to try produce air outlet products by themselves. Because produce and sales both by themselves, can make more profit than buy and sell. At the beginning, what we should consider? Now let’s analyze the consideration factors one by one.

diffuser factory

1. Plant Area & Running License Preparation

At first we need to prepare the plant area, and get the production license from government. This requires a lot of paper work as preparation. Refer to the plant area, based on our experience, for a daily output 400~600pcs air outlet factory, it requires at least 500sqm floor area. For a daily output 1,000 pcs factory, it requires around 3,000 to 4,000sqm floor area.

As a start, we will suggest 1,000sqm for first two or three years.

2. Product Marketing

Secondly, we should do sales research in the target market, to learn which type of products are popular, and have good sales. Different countries and markets have difference preference in products. Make an example in round diffuser, we know there are many types, with different face look. In Gulf countries, VENTECH VD type will be more popular, but some markets prefer VA type or VC type. Based on different product preference, we can choose the suitable types for production consideration.

3. Supply Chain Management

Next step, is to search reliable material supplier, production machines and mold suppliers. This means we need to do some work on supply chain management. A good supplier should provide stable quality material, and moderate price. This part is very important, it not only affects the investment input, also make influence in our future production and factory running.

4. Investment

How much money we should input for start? It is a key question before we set up factory. For air outlet products, it divides into three main parts, grilles, square diffuser, and round type products. In our consultant cases, we mostly recommend investors to start from air grille productions. Below is rough invest chart. It can be invest reference, for new factory consideration.


Air Grille

Air Square diffuser

Air outlet Round type


80k +

180k +

200k +


5. Production Training

When we decide the product types, we need to learn the production technics, which is the key to success. For one same product, we may produce it by 10 steps or 20 steps. The former can save your labor, time, and money. VENTECH can give you this key.

We have long and rich experience in doing this job.

We know what machine can help us to do better.

We know what production process will help us to do faster.

We know what design can let us to do stronger and more beautiful product.

Welcome to VENTECH get an solution to start a air grille and diffuser factory!

diffuser factory - 1

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