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The pre-installation of air conditioning ducts, step by step

The pre-installation of air conditioning ducts, step by step


The pre-installation of air conditioning ducts, step by step

Although there are many ways to air condition the interior of a home, the duct system is the most effective, although it requires work. Despite this, it is not an excessively traumatic process, and the pre-installation of air conditioning ducts does not have to last more than two or three days.

For everything to go well, it is essential that the installation be carried out by air conditioning technicians and professionals, who will carry out their work in a process that can be broken down into eight points:

1. First, a study is carried out in the house, to decide what power is necessary and close all the details of the planning: the materials that are going to be used, the necessary meters of pipe according to the distribution and orientation of the house, etc. At that time, the professional has to communicate the options to the owner and resolve all his doubts.

2. If the house does not have removable ceilings, at this time the existing ones must be demolished in some rooms: in the bathroom, where the internal machine will be placed, and in the corridor, through which the pipes will circulate. Likewise, the ceilings of those rooms that are going to have an air outlet are perforated.

3. After the previous step, the one that produces the largest volume of debris, we proceed to remove it and clean the floor. In this way, the most cumbersome phase of the pre-installation is concluded.

4. Now the indoor duct air conditioning machine is placed in the bathroom, as well as the outdoor condensing unit, which is attached to a wall, and they are fitted with anti-vibration mounts to avoid disturbing noise. Later, both devices are joined by laying a refrigerating line.

5. The next step is to deploy the network of air conditioning ducts through the corridors of the house. It is usually made of a material with a double aluminum coating called Climaver Plus.

6. The ceilings are replaced: in the corridor a plaster one is placed, while in the bathroom a removable one is chosen to facilitate maintenance work and possible repairs to the device.

7. The grilles through which the air flow to the rooms will pass are placed and the installation is balanced.

8. Finally, the installation is verified and the necessary tests are carried out to verify that everything works correctly.

air conditioning ducts

Advantages and disadvantages of duct air condition

Ducted air conditioning systems, also known as "air zones or day and night", are widely used in new residential, commercial, and large area buildings. The operation is carried out through a main device designed to distribute the cooling capacity through pipes.

It also has great advantages in aesthetics because it is more visually harmonious. Simple things are completely unnoticed. Only the pipe grid can be seen. In turn, there are different designs and colors to decorate these grilles or thermostats.

For many people, the most important thing is that in the long run, it saves a lot of money because consumption is lower than traditional consumption. The system monitors the temperature of each room and keeps the site accurately cold. On the other hand, it is possible to cancel exits from places that were not busy at the time. In this way, the thermostat will not work in that area, and operating costs will be reduced.

Disadvantages of ducted air conditioning

The main objection is that installing the system requires a job and a complex installation. It is recommended to do so when the house is not yet completed or when purchasing such facilities. "If you don't have one, you must manufacture or place it on the false ceiling of these houses. Similarly, some systems are installed in front of you, but may be very unattractive.". The latter is commonly used in the field of industrial or interior design. Installation costs are high. Depending on the size of the house or place, the price of air conditioning can be high. However, due to low consumption and being monitored, this is beneficial in the long run, even if it is only paid for with significant energy saving capabilities.

air conditioning ducts

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