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Know more about ventilation systems

Know more about ventilation systems


Know more about ventilation systems

Nowadays, ventilation systems have become increasingly essential elements within homes, taking charge of renewing the air and reducing the high levels of humidity in the home.

Good home ventilation guarantees a higher quality of the air we breathe every day, and therefore also a better quality of life, reducing the chances of suffering from respiratory diseases that can directly affect our health.

If you have seriously considered the possibility of installing a ventilation system in your home, from VENTECH we are going to tell you how ventilation systems work and everything you need to know.

How do mechanical ventilation systems work?

A mechanical ventilation system is shown to be the most efficient option when it comes to renewing the air in the home, guaranteeing high quality and also favoring energy savings. Its main objective is to make the most of the energy found in the air inside the home, whether hot or cold, and to do so, it tries to ensure that the level of daily air changes does not exceed 0.6.

To achieve this efficiency, mechanical ventilation systems have a structure of very thin sheets that have a series of openings that allow the air to enter from the outside and the air to escape from the interior, favoring its correct circulation without mixing the air. inside with outside.

It is a very simple process, for which, yes, it is necessary to have the most advanced technology. The benefits offered by a ventilation and air extraction system are multiple, allowing us to breathe pure and clean air without the need to increase energy consumption.

ventilation systems

What size are they?

Mechanical ventilation systems, which are the most efficient, occupy a space similar to that of a washing machine or dishwasher, offering the opportunity to place the appliance on the floor or hang it on the wall. In the case of homes that have a double roof, they could fit in it, which would mean that they would not reduce the available space in the home at all.

Our advice is that when betting on a ventilation machine, do it for one whose heat recovery performance is not less than 75%. You should keep in mind that there are machines that offer a performance of up to 95%.

The electricity consumption of the ventilation systems is very low if we take into account the multiple benefits they offer, and that is that at full capacity, the expense that it would entail after one year would not reach 100 euros. An expense that is still lower if we compare it with the savings achieved in heating.

How to make a homemade ventilation system

There is also the possibility of creating a homemade and natural ventilation system, better known as a static ventilation system. These systems are not carried out using mechanical elements, but instead use ventilation grilles that are distributed at different strategic points throughout the house.

In this type of system, the air enters through the ducts located in dry areas, and exits through the most humid rooms, such as the bathroom or the kitchen, thus avoiding the dispersion of humidity or the most unpleasant odors.

It is best to place the grilles in the upper area of the windows, fixing the outlet grilles to the ceiling. In the case of chalets and single-family homes, it is best that they have direct access to the outside, as well as that the doors have at least 1.5 centimeters on the inside, thus facilitating the entry and exit of air.

ventilation systems

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