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Textile duct and diffusers for retrofits and new projects

Textile duct and diffusers for retrofits and new projects


Textile duct and diffusers for retrofits and new projects

The days of classic metal plate or glass wool ventilation ducts may be numbered. Over time, the typical lifetime ductline is being replaced by more flexible systems.

Textile ductline and marketing have existed for several years, but like other products, it will take some time to win the trust of consumers. This type of duct has not been widely used, and it is not easy to find ducts for installation. However, over time, more and more architects and technicians have decided to leave metal plates behind in order to seek more innovative and healthy solutions.


Maximum propagation control

The biggest and main advantage of using textile ducts is that they provide us with air transmission control. Everyone froze to death in a restaurant or waiting room once, because its air-conditioning outlet is on the top. This typical and annoying situation will not happen when we have textile facilities.

Textile ducts and diffusers provide a variety of ways to spread the air in the room, from micropores that provide a short distance but larger outlet area to outlet nozzles that have a smaller but larger range of conditional focuses.

All holes below 0.4mm are considered as micro holes, which will cause a large amount of air dispersion in the whole duct. More than this measure is drilling, which provides a more directional air supply.

textile duct

      Adaptive part

From a small room to a laboratory, or even an exhibition site, any type of space, regardless of size, can provide air through textile ducts, which is due to its powerful versatility. We can find textile ducts with diameters between 100 and 2000 mm, always based on specific specifications.

Easy to install and economical

If all of us in the construction industry are worried about something, it is the budget. Therefore, whenever we see any new development in the market, whether it is new materials or new construction technology, the first thing in our mind is whether it is profitable. As far as textile ducts and diffusers are concerned, we are surprised that in most cases, they are more economical than traditional rigid sheet metal ducts. This is largely due to the greatly saved installation time, because the installation is much simpler, much faster, and requires much less professional labor. According to the manufacturer, we can save 50% or even 70% compared with traditional installation.

More hygienic

This type of duct can be cleaned in an ordinary washing machine as if they were personal clothes. After cleaning and disinfection, the system is completely free of bacteria, which is not allowed by traditional systems. This is why this type of ductline is rapidly spreading through laboratories and food industry buildings with strict hygiene standards.


They can smell

The manufacturer warns that some fabrics may emit uncomfortable odor in the first few weeks of use, and recommends that the air be fully used to eliminate the odor at least two weeks after installation. They also pointed out that the air was not harmful under any circumstances.

Must be handled very carefully

Obviously, the treatment of metal parts is different from that of fabrics, but this is even more important when we think of all the dust, dirt and drags that a piece of work brings. The fabric must always be kept clean and dry, which may pose challenges in some cases. Once placed, the installer must wear gloves and ensure that the conduit does not come into contact with any "impurities". If this is not too little, they also warned us that if the ducts were not 100% clean when the first air was injected into the facility, they might break.

textile duct system

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