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Reasons why factory-made air ducts are more advantageous than on-site production

Reasons why factory-made air ducts are more advantageous than on-site production


Reasons why factory-made air ducts are more advantageous than on-site production

1. Comparison between traditional air duct and phenolic air duct

The traditional air supply ducts of central air conditioners are usually made of iron sheet or fiberglassas the inner layer, wrapped with thermal insulation materials, and wrapped with aluminum foil on the outside, which makes the air supply ducts heavy and large, labor-intensive and time-consuming for construction and installation, poor in appearance, low in air tightness, and low in performance. consumes a lot. Traditional air ducts can no longer meet the rapidly growing market demand and people's requirements for high-quality indoor environments.

The phenolic color steel composite air duct is made of phenolic foam resin, curing agent, foaming agent and inorganic substances through chemical reaction to form a phenolic foam core material, one side is compounded with antibacterial coated aluminum foil, and the other side is compounded with color steel plates of various colors The air duct made by processing the composite sandwich panel. It has the characteristics of light weight, beautiful appearance, durability and simple construction, thus realizing the best combination of energy saving, environmental protection and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal substitute product for traditional air duct systems.

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Compared with traditional air ducts, phenolic composite air ducts have the following advantages:

1) The phenolic composite air duct has good thermal insulation performance, which can greatly reduce the heat dissipation loss of the air conditioner;

2) The phenolic composite air duct has a noise reduction effect. Compared with the metal air duct system, there is no need to set up noise reduction accessories such as noise reduction covers and noise reduction elbows;

3) The installation period of the phenolic composite air duct is short, only about 1/5 of the traditional air duct;

4) The phenolic composite air duct does not need to reserve construction space, so compared with the traditional air duct, the use of phenolic aluminum foil composite air duct can save 5-8cm of ceiling space;

5) The phenolic composite air duct material is non-combustible, the flame retardant grade is Class A, smokeless and non-toxic, and meets the requirements of the national fire protection standard. The thermal conductivity is lower than 0.0220w/m.k, which can reduce the heat dissipation loss of the air conditioner;

6) Light weight and high strength, especially the outer surface of the air duct is very hard, impact-resistant, and easy to install.

2. Factory-made air ducts and on-site production

The phenolic composite air duct can be installed and manufactured on site, or it can be manufactured in the factory and then transported to the construction site. Now more and more engineering companies prefer the latter, so what is the difference between the factory-made phenolic air duct and the on-site production of phenolic air duct?

Time and labor costs, if these costs are saved in the factory, it only needs to be hoisted on site, and it also avoids the accumulation of waste disposal costs during the production process.

In addition, there is almost no material loss in the production of air ducts in the factory, but in the case of on-site production by the engineering company without a cut-to-size board, the material loss is 15-20%, and the loss is even higher in the case of special-shaped parts! Calculated on 10,000 square meters of phenolic board, the loss is 1500-2000 square meters, and the loss cost is as high as 1/5. According to the calculation of 20 yuan/㎡, 10000*20=200,000 yuan, the loss is 30,000-40,000 yuan!

This is not counting the cost of manual production and time. A skilled worker can make 40 square meters in 8 hours. Based on 10,000 square meters of phenolic boards, it takes 40 days for 10,000 square meters of phenolic boards to be produced by 6 people at the same time. It is better to buy the finished air duct directly in the factory than to buy the finished air duct directly in this way, which saves worry, time and effort.

Factory-made cut-to-length boards with zero loss:

It is easy for the engineer to make air ducts on-site to damage the protective film of the color steel plate and cause the iron sheet to rust. The gaps between the slices of the phenolic plate are not standardized by the workers, and it is easy to form a cold bridge, which will lead to heat loss, condensation, and moisture failure. Factory-made air ducts can avoid this situation, and the efficiency will be much higher!

Duct flange:

The air ducts are all controlled by machines from slicing, bending and forming, gluing, etc., and the air ducts are all pressed by standard production. The flange parts are made of PVC raw materials, which have good solid resistance and oxidation resistance. The quality of the flange is directly related to the overall firmness and service life of the pipe. The raw material PVC has strong toughness. Calculated according to the length of the 1.2-meter air duct, they can make up to 5 sections of air duct and 6 meters at the same time without deformation. , Greatly improve the work efficiency of hoisting air duct!

According to the air duct production specification, rivets are required at the flange of the air outlet and the color steel plate, but sometimes in the on-site production, in order to meet the construction schedule, some masters use self-tapping screws to fix them, while their factories use rivets and rivets Much tighter than self-tapping screws.

PS: Due to the standard production process and high production efficiency of the air duct in the factory, it saves a lot of purchasing and production costs, so it has been favored by many engineering companies in recent years! Although off-site production and installation may not be flexible enough, compared to the above-mentioned advantages of factory production, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

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