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Do you know which type of air duct is best?

Do you know which type of air duct is best?


Do you know which type of air duct is best?

Galvanized Ducting

Galvanized duct, whether insulated or uninsulated, are designed for air conduction, renovation and return air of air conditioning equipment. For any type of ventilation system. Generally speaking, metal sheet ducts are the ideal choice to realize landscape facilities, mainly used in commercial places or large areas, but also applicable to residential buildings.

The ducts are made of metal plates, mainly galvanized steel, and have round, rectangular or even oval ducts. Its constructive features include; The thickness of plates, reinforcements, joints, dimensions and even supports are standardized in the European standards UNE-EN 1505-1507 and UNE-EN 12236 and 12237. The insulation and sealing characteristics of HVAC units are usually specified in specific regulations. The latest version of the ceremony in Spain.

In order to select the characteristics, it must be considered that the air pressure in the duct line must determine the structural strength and leak tightness, while the noise, vibration and friction loss mainly depend on the air velocity. The circular duct is made of smooth flange plate with a diameter of about 900 mm.

The ducts have different shapes to fit the installation:

Circular duct: It is the solution for most ventilation, smoke exhaust, HVAC and heating facilities.

Rectangular duct: Provides maximum reliability and significantly improves the most traditional installation systems. Its special neural structure provides more solid characteristics, so as to obtain more flexible, stronger and more beautiful catheters.

Oval duct: it is a perfect complement, perfectly combined and assembled with other round and rectangular ducts. Due to its advantages in technical characteristics, the functional harmony of the oval duct adds aesthetic factors to all facilities that need it.

Flexible duct line: It has different technical characteristics and is suitable for ventilation of household and industrial facilities.

Fittings: There are different fittings, such as elbows or half elbows, and different sizes of cuts for proper installation.

types of ductwork


Fiberglass duct

They are conduits made of high-density glass wool board and bonded by thermosetting resin. The duct consists of these plates, cut and folded to obtain the required section.

The plates from which the ducts are manufactured have a double coating:

It is covered with a reinforced aluminum compound, which acts as a vapor barrier and provides a seal for the duct. The surfaces forming the interior of the duct shall have an aluminum coating, glass cover or glass cloth, depending on the characteristics required for the duct.

This type of air conditioning equipment is used to provide larger space for buildings, residences, houses and industrial ships than simple "split" air conditioning equipment. They are designed to be hidden in false ceilings or similar places, but recently they began to be installed together with circular veneer ducts in commercial places with industrial aesthetics.


Installation and maintenance of fiberglass duct

For decades, people have been installing ducts made of fiberglass, that is, without protecting and insulating surfaces in contact with air. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the fiberglass air conditioning ducts. A large part of these ducts are used for air transmission of air conditioning, ventilation and/or mining facilities. At present, most of these facilities have been put into full use, and there is no sign of renovation due to the following reasons.

1. Time factor

Once this type of facility is installed, it is difficult to reinstall it, because their installation involves the whole building and requires a long time to replace, which is usually not available to the user company of this type of facility.

2. Economic factors

In addition to the implied costs of labor and materials, the cost of decommissioning the department of the facility should be increased while the renovation work is planned.

3. Interference of working environment.

Although the non-production time between normal business days of the company can be used to replace the air conditioner, in theory, such replacement should not affect the plan or the working environment, but in practice, it will produce odor, dust, etc., which are related to the permanent working environment, bringing pressure and irritability to people working in the above places.

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